Enable seamless, compliant data exchange across your healthcare ecosystem and accelerate digital patient engagement to drive improved outcomes

Government regulation, payment reform, and rising consumer expectations have placed significant pressure on healthcare organizations to deliver better patient outcomes, while significantly reducing the cost of care. At the same time, they need to manage an unprecedented volume, velocity, and variety of health data across their ecosystem.

Axway helps healthcare organizations establish a secure, agile digital infrastructure that helps eliminate data silos and enables seamless, HIPAA-compliant data exchange for better clinical collaboration. We empower healthcare organizations to accelerate innovation in support of value-based care models that drive greater patient engagement and deliver improved outcomes.

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Implement a secure, scalable digital integration infrastructure
  • Eliminate data silos to make data available when & where it is needed across your ecosystem to improve efficiency & outcomes
  • Facilitate seamless, HIPAA compliant exchange of health data across the ecosystem to improve clinical collaboration
  • Improve interoperability across systems, devices (iOS, Android, Windows), and applications
  • Accelerate digital patient engagement initiatives by making health information and services securely available via mobile applications
Improve care coordination and patient engagement
  • Make data available when & where it is needed to increase efficiency and improve outcomes
  • Reduce medication errors and readmissions
  • Limit redundant tests and treatments with improved interoperability between EHR systems
Accelerate compliance with Meaningful Use requirements
  • Facilitate controlled, compliant access to patient health information to improve care coordination
  • Protect your organization from data breaches, which are increasing by 62% each year
  • Avoid costly HIPAA violation penalties
Digitally engage connected consumers
  • Improve patient engagement to support value-based care models and improve population health outcomes
  • Facilitate controlled access to patient health data through mobile applications
  • Reduce time to market for digital services – e.g. chronic condition management, medication reminders, patient education tools
Improve efficiency and accuracy of claims processing
  • Reduce errors and delays by providing end-to-end monitoring and traceability for all protected data exchanges
  • Eliminate erroneous billing by providing real-time Eligibility, Claims Status, Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Healthcare payment and Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Effectively onboard and manage your trading partner community
  • Reduce costs and improve cash flow management through integrated care pathways and paperless flow
Optimize the controlled substance ordering process across your pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Address U.S. DEA regulations governing transactions involving controlled substances
  • Streamline compliance by eliminating costly manual/paper based processes (Form 222)
  • Quickly and efficiently address DEA audit requests

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