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Banking of the Future: How Financial Institutions Must Use Digital Capabilities to Remain Competitive

How can financial service providers create new revenue streams and while remaining competitive in today’s digital economy? Axway and guest speaker Jost Hopperman of Forrester Research will discuss key digitalization trends for the financial services industry.

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In an increasingly digitally driven economy, the need for innovation and optimal business performance has never been greater. Axway Connections features over 2 dozen sessions - including 2 full days of pre-conference workshops in our expanded jumpstart sessions. In addition, attendees get access to unlimited networking opportunities with industry experts that can help drive their businesses and your careers forward.

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Rapidly growing demand for exposing and consuming APIs, which enables organizations to create new business models and connect with partners and customers, has tipped the industry towards adopting lightweight RESTful APIs. Unfortunately, many organizations tend to underestimate the potential security challenges of opening up their APIs without a security strategy or infrastructure in place.

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