An open platform for API management

  1. Automated discovery of all your API assets across your distributed IT environments (even non-Axway) for central control and monitoring
  2. API providers can publish, secure, track, and monitor their assets while retaining independence to use existing or new technology
  3. Unified catalog brings producers and consumers together in one place to facilitate reuse and speed adoption.
  4. API consumers can more easily discover, subscribe, and consume API assets to accelerate time to value for digital business

Moving freight faster, better, more securely

“We needed a vendor we could trust. We’ve worked with Axway for 18 years, and we know they’ll get the job done. With Amplify API Management, we can serve our customers faster and better.”

— Michael Scherner, head of Customer & Business Intelligence, DB Schenker

Full lifecycle API management, fully accessible


Design, build, and test APIs

Check your unified catalog to reuse APIs and avoid duplication. But if you need to design, build, and test APIs, Amplify lets you do it on a single, end-to-end platform with the click of a button.

Deploy APIs

Deploy your APIs wherever you want – on-premises, in any cloud, or a hybrid of both – with the same functionality everywhere. You can manage your API infrastructure yourself, or let us do it.

Secure APIs

Discover and secure your APIs across environments and vendors with a central control plane that lets you see vulnerabilities and adjust at light speed.

Manage APIs

Control the complexities of API sprawl across environments, vendors, and teams, while leveraging modern patterns around microservices and event-driven architectures.

Analyze APIs

Get real-time, fine-grained data at your fingertips in a central location for improved business results. Choose from a wide range of metrics for your digital assets. Even use your own tools if you want.

Extend and reuse APIs

Give teams and partners access to all your APIs and integrate assets in a central unified catalog that's updated in real time. Collaborate on new offerings and reach new markets cost-effectively.

Catalysts to guide you on your journey

Axway Catalysts are an elite group of API and digital transformation experts with 180+ years of combined experience across industries, making them uniquely qualified to offer strategic and actionable guidance that sets organizations up for short- and long-term digital success

Succeeding with Amplify API Management

Major companies across industry are innovating, expanding markets, and digitally transforming

More customers, cost-effectively

With API-powered services, PermataBank partners with fintech to unlock a new market of 150M potential customers

Better customer experience

By improving the digital experience with Amplify API Management Platform, Dun & Bradstreet captivated clients and saw business revenue jump

Offer new services faster

An open API platform over the hybrid cloud allows National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to build internal and customer services in days instead of weeks, driving costs down and revenues up

Compatibility and implementation

Amplify API Management Platform provides automated discovery and management of your APIs and integration patterns across solutions and environments by leveraging prebuilt agents, CLI, and SDK. Prebuilt agents monitor traffic and usage of APIs across solutions such as AWS or Azure. With an SDK, you and a partner can build your own.

“When it came to the quality of their support and strategic partnership, Axway really stood out from the crowd. The Axway pre-sales team that worked with us on our pilot project with Amplify API Management really took the time to understand the business requirements behind our use cases and turn around effective solutions very quickly — sometimes within a single working day.”
— Chris Hengst, Lead API Architect/API Evangelist, HM Health Solutions


Automated efficiency

Agent-based discovery or CLI extensions let you manage APIs and gateways from AWS, Azure, and others automatically

Open API platform

Use what you have now — and tomorrow — to build and manage APIs. Maintain central governance independent of future technological decisions.

AWS API Gateways via Agent

Azure API Gateways via Agent

Amplify Application Integration

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