Transferring files with MFT software has never been easier or more secure

Axway has been defining MFT technology for over 20 years. Today you can future-enable your organization with scalable API-powered managed file transfer solutions that delivers speed, simplicity, and security.

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Do more with proven MFT gateway, controller, and operational intelligence capabilities, or let us do it for you with our MFT Managed Cloud Services. 

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  • Scalable and resilient MFT gateway handles high volume file transfers as needed
  • High fault tolerance and availability keeps critical file transfers moving
  • Uncompromising data security across your MFT ecosystem

Transfer CFT

  • Simplified cross-file transfer takes the complexity out of MFT integrations
  • Integrate across platforms, operating systems, and locations
  • Multi-platform, multi-site controller handles high-volume, app-to-app data flows

Managed Cloud Services

  • Power of a cloud platform with world-class team of Axway business and technical experts
  • Reduced operational costs with highly secure cloud environment
  • Business and IT resources apply their time and expertise to growing the company

Intelligent MFT

  • Intuitive interface requires little to no coding
  • Pre-built connectors automate and streamline file transfer operations
  • Agnostic platform isn't tied down to specific integration pattern, technology, or skillset

Leading brands are using Axway MFT

Discover how companies worldwide are transforming their file transfer operations for greater security, efficiency, and business growth.


"With a stable, secure and above all flexible cloud platform from Axway for exchanging files with partners and clients, we are confident that we can meet whatever the future has in store."


"Railinc plays a critical role in keeping North America’s rail industry moving — and SecureTransport will continue to be a key enabler of our mission-critical services."


"It would be impossible to provide our services and meet our regulatory obligations without a solution like Axway Managed File Transfer."


"Thanks to standardized integration patterns included with the Axway solution, we can design practically any kind of MFT flow quickly and with far less manual effort than before".

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"It is phenomenal how many problems we are solving using this product".

Compatibility and implementation

Axway Managed File Transfer offers out-of-the-box connectors and support for a wide range of operations protocols. Use containers and dev/ops to speed delivery and reduce outages. Headless operations and API-driven commands enable game changing innovation. Engage your customers and partners across any channel, any deployment model in a single solution. Axway shares the delivery accelerators, best practices, and expertise to accelerate your time to value.

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Axway MFT supports the largest file transfer systems in the world and the widest variety of integration patterns

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On-premises, in your cloud, or the Axway Managed Cloud, manage your file transfers easily and securely

Rapid deployment and update

Containerized deployments for zero downtime updates and upgrades, with centralized configuration and administration

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Managed File Transfer: What is MFT and how does it work?


Managed File Transfer is a secure, reliable technology for sharing critical business data. MFT software is designed to meet the compliance and performance requirements necessary to send and receive high-value, high-volume files such as money transfers, sensitive data containing personal information, or proprietary business files. Because you can manage all your critical data transfers across the enterprise from a single pane of glass, MFT gives you complete visibility and control into where data goes. MFT is more reliable, secure, and easier to manage than protocols like FTP or HTTP, making it the preferred solution for data transfer.

Managed File Transfer software simplifies data and file transfers by providing a centralized, self-service solution for managing, securing, and monitoring the exchange of large volumes of data. These exchanges can be made by both internal and external applications or users on an automatic or ad hoc basis.

Once an application or user initiates a data transfer, the MFT solution will encrypt the data to ensure it stays secure in motion and at rest. It may also compress the data to improve delivery speed. Once the data is prepared for delivery, it’s sent to the recipient using your chosen security protocols. The data transfer is completely managed and tracked through the MFT solution, making it simple to create audit trails that ensure regulatory compliance.

MFT software is useful for managing massive amounts of file transfers while ensuring data security. APIs make it simple to easily integrate file transfers into business applications for rapid innovation and delivery of new services. And because the entire MFT ecosystem can be centrally managed and controlled, you can easily monitor performance and correct issues before they impact your business or create missed SLAs.

Secure file transfers are at the core of every business. However, many file transfer protocols are inflexible, complicated, and provide limited ability to adapt to new digital business processes or partner data exchange use cases. In addition, they often require significant IT time and resources, restricting business agility. With a Managed File Transfer solution, you can meet the growing demand for secure management that can protect data exchange while ensuring you meet compliance requirements. The benefits of MFT include:

  • Improved security and governance with centralized control of the entire MFT ecosystem via a single administration console, ensuring service level agreements and PCI DSS compliance requirements are met
  • Self-service capabilities that empower business users to create file transfer services, subscribe partners, and manage file transfers
  • Centralized administration to reduce complexity and standardize all administration tasks for the entire MFT ecosystem
  • Operational intelligence and predictive analytics to prevent errors and ensure business quality
  • Integration capabilities that ensure IT and business user capabilities are easily integrated programmatically into third-party or custom applications
  • Ability to handle all file transfer use cases regardless of initiator, recipient, protocol, format, or schema
  • Flexible deployment models including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud
  • Unlimited scalability that allows your organization to meet its current and future data transfer needs

New ways of working require organizations to evolve and modernize to meet changing business needs. As business data transfer requirements become larger, more frequent, and increasingly complex, it has the potential to create friction between IT and business users in terms of managing resources, creating integrations, and maintaining operational visibility.

Managed File Transfer is a requirement for any business or organization that regularly sends or receives massive data volumes that require a high level of security. MFT provides a single, highly scalable solution to meet all the file transfer needs of your organization, allowing you to significantly reduce your operating costs, gain complete visibility into your data transfers, and improve your ability to integrate data transfers into your other business systems or services.

How to choose an MFT solution

Not all MFT file transfer solutions are created equal. Many legacy MFT solutions are complex and complicated, which can require a large team of MFT experts to install, run, and maintain. This can increase your file transfer costs while reducing business agility as you wait for the MFT software integration team to create new file transfer flows for partners or customers. Here’s what to look for when choosing a modern MFT solution.

Self-service capabilities

Empower business users to create new services, subscribe partners, and manage file transfers without waiting for IT assistance

Centralized administration

Reduce complexity by managing all administration tasks across the entire MFT ecosystem from a single pane of glass

Operational intelligence

Ensure business quality and data transfer integrity through automated, predictive monitoring and alerts

Unlimited scalability

Grow with confidence as you add new services and requirements

Comprehensive integration capabilities

Leverage complete business-level REST APIs to integrate third-party or custom applications

All file transfer use cases

Support the data transfer needs of application-to-application, business-to-business, ad-hoc, and system-to-human for all protocols, formats, and schemas

Flexible deployment model

Choose the deployment model that fits your business, including on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud

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