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If you're smart, passionate, and committed to bringing more open and connected digital experiences into the world, you're meant to be an Axway Griffin. Come join us.

A Griffin's values

Better together

We're open-minded, passionate, empathetic problem solvers. Axway Griffins like to combine their strengths to stretch their thinking and explore better ways to collaborate, innovate, and succeed.


We're honest, bold, and accountable. Axway Griffins are encouraged to be who they are – to challenge the status quo and discover something new about themselves on their journey to self-fulfillment. 

Experienced guides

We're prepared to confront change as it happens. Axway Griffins can assess a changing environment, define the best way forward, and progress with confidence. We are adaptable and always learning.


We're vigilant, intelligent, and experienced. Axway Griffins provide safe, reliable solutions our customers can't do business without. We uphold the integrity of their data, their practices, and their brand.


Promoting women in tech

Axway is committed to advancing digital careers and training for women and young girls in schools and universities that promote diversity of profiles. We're engaged in six partnerships that make it possible to welcome interns and work-study students into Axway. You can read all about our celebration of women.

Women make up 31% of the workforce – and 27% of management – at Axway

Axway Griffins: In their own words

Want to know what it's like to work at Axway, which Axway values inspire individuals to succeed, and what they would say to encourage their peers to join us? Listen to some of the people you may be working with.

Axway offices around the world

Axway has offices in North America, Europe and Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. By celebrating and leveraging the diverse range of cultures and perspectives each region brings, we are better together.

The Axway of Life

Sharing our experiences inside and outside of the office brings a distributed workforce closer together. Get a taste of the people and culture at Axway by visiting our Instagram feed @Axway_of_life.

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