Amplify Marketplace capabilities

Unify your distributed APIs to enable more robust governance and security, ensuring compliance and consistent API lifecycle management.

Monetize your APIs

  • Link multiple API products to create a business service that can be monetized
  • Create and manage API products with subscription plans for monetization
  • Publish APIs to your Marketplace to speed adoption and time to market
Monetize your APIs

Accommodate multiple gateways

  • Connect and explore your existing API data planes using agents
  • Discover secured and unsecured APIs across multiple deployments and vendors
  • Automate discovery and monitoring of new APIs
Accommodate multiple gateways

Group APIs in ways that make sense

  • Align API products with defined business and IT team goals and objectives
  • Aggregate, curate, categorize, tag, and version APIs into logical groups
  • Publish APIs into Amplify Marketplace as manageable products not just APIs
Group APIs in ways that make sense

Track all APIs everywhere

  • Track adoption, usage, and performance metrics for all your API products
  • Create the right API products that are increasingly faster and easier to consume
  • Use key insights to make better decisions about future API investments
Track all APIs everywhere

Ensure security

  • Discover unmanaged APIs and automate identification of non-compliance services
  • Select and promote only approved, curated assets for inclusion in Marketplace
  • Leverage prebuilt security policies or customize your own to protect your business
Ensure security

Amplify Marketplace benefits

Business and IT teams stand to gain tangible advantages by making an API marketplace part of your API strategy.

Faster time to value for APIs

Speed delivery of digital initiatives and drive API value by allowing developers to easily find and use proven API products that are validated, fully documented, and production-ready.

Greater API adoption

Increase ROI of your API program by finding the API building blocks faster and lowering the barrier to entry to drive consumption of your digital business initiatives.

IT and business alignment

Focus on high-value API development projects by aligning business and IT goals before development begins, so you can define and measure delivered value and improve decision-making

Reduced complexity

Master API complexity by unifying them in a single interface that encourages their adoption –regardless of pattern (REST, events, GraphQL), deployment (cloud, on-prem, or both), or vendor platform (AWS, Azure, MuleSoft, Apigee).

Prioritized security

Maintain control over your API products by discovering unmanaged APIs, validating compliance, defining access control, and enforcing usage plans.

Developer autonomy

Give API and app developers the independence to use the tools that work best for them rather than restricting teams to use proprietary tooling from specific vendors.

Amplify Platform. The foundation for Amplify Marketplace.

Amplify Marketplace relies on Axway's Amplify Platform – a truly universal API management platform that permits API development and governance across internal and external teams, on-premises or in any cloud or hybrid cloud environment, and across multiple vendor gateways. Amplify Platform is the only platform with the capabilities needed to make Marketplace possible.

Discover APIs

Integrate existing API data planes regardless of API pattern. Connect multiple vendor gateways such as AWS, Azure, Apigee, and MuleSoft. Deploy on-premises or any private or public cloud.

Validate and secure APIs

Support data security and privacy regulations such as SOC2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. Reduce risks with Common Criteria EAL4+ certification (pending) – the highest certification for API management solutions.

Curate and manage APIs

Group and refine APIs into assets to analyze dependencies, aggregate resources, select versions, and track API adoption and engagement. Track usage across all your API assets.

Productize and monetize APIs

Create API products that can be bundled by domain or audience, documented, and tagged. Drive API adoption and monetization by approaching your APIs as marketable products.

Grow API adoption

Simplify internal and external API consumption. Leverage insight from data generated by API use, reuse, and performance to weed out APIs that aren't working and promote the ones that are.

Why you need your own API marketplace


Your APIs you need has to be easy to find, otherwise your developers will default to rebuilding it themselves – a situation that leads to API sprawl, where similar one-off APIs are all over the place. If IT leaders, developers, and line-of-business users don't know where an API is, or whether it even exists, you may end up duplicating it – a waste of time, money, and resources.

Amplify Marketplace enables you to discover any duplicate, unsanctioned, or unmanaged APIs in your enterprise and partner ecosystem to eliminate sprawl.

Most companies have multiple API management platforms and knowing how to get access depends on the team, the platform, and the deployment location. Inefficient workarounds like manual consolidation, proxy gateways that lock you into a certain vendor, or API marketplaces that provide no API management capability, only add to the complexity.

Marketplace does away with complexity by giving API developers greater autonomy to use the tools that work best for them because they're not restricted to the requirements of any one vendor.

APIs are worthless to your business unless they are adopted and consumed by application developers. Success is not how many APIs you have, but the business value they generate through usage. Without a secure, centralized, easily accessible marketplace of all APIs, they won't be consumed and won't deliver on expected business outcomes.

Amplify Marketplace enables IT teams to track which APIs are being used and by who, as well as how they're performing. Insight from these metrics is key to driving increased API consumption.

Having a proprietary gateway installed as a proxy in front of other gateways introduces several issues, including driving up cost, latency, and deployment time, and creates an unnecessary point of failure. Developers must now operate in that vendor's universe, which leads to additional training, operational management, and vendor lock-in.

Amplify Marketplace offers fully automated, agent-based observability and subscription management out-of-the-box. No manual registration or proxy deployments are needed to connect securely with API catalogs or other gateways, so there's no lock-in, making the Amplify Platform truly "universal."

Unlike strictly API marketplace offerings that are basically just public aggregators of APIs, Amplify Marketplace focuses on the needs of enterprises to deliver greater business value through API products.

Marketplace builds on the full lifecycle API management functionality of the Amplify Platform, with security policy definition and enforcement capability that public marketplace-only providers can't offer. Amplify Marketplace enables companies to curate their APIs in a contextual way that makes them more discoverable and applicable to the business.

Companies that include your new digital service in their apps also stand to reap the benefits of putting a more complete digital experience in the market faster – to the point where they're willing to purchase a subscription to the instantly consumable API products in your marketplace.

The idea is to make finding the right API easy for external developers. By curating and presenting API products in a more contextual way, internal and external developers have immediate access to what they're looking for. Marketplace allows you to package your APIs by various criteria in a central location, so you can market each of your APIs as the valuable products they are.

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