"Syncplicity offers full support for mobile working — empowering our researchers to back up and access data from their smartphones and tablets and ensuring we can remotely wipe and deprovision devices if they go missing."


faster onboarding of research partners


administration requirements


remote-work enabling operational continuity

Case study details

Since the 1960s, JOANNEUM RESEARCH has pioneered advancements in many disciplines, including computing, medicine and material sciences. Based in Graz, Austria, the organization also operates from locations in the cities of Weiz, Niklasdorf, Klagenfurt, Pinkafeld and Vienna

To advance the frontiers of human knowledge, JOANNEUM RESEARCH aimed to make it faster and easier for its teams to exchange data with academic institutions and research partners — without compromising on security.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH replaced manual, SFTP-based approaches to data-sharing with an on-premises deployment of Syncplicity, empowering its teams to start sharing data with new research partners up to 60 percent faster.