"Publishing all our digital services on a central catalog will offer our developers an instant overview of what APIs are already available — reducing duplication of effort and cutting time-to-market for new products."


developers deliver a self-service API catalog


health plan players use HMHS platform-as-a-service


clients to create personalized member experiences

Case study details

The U.S. healthcare industry is more competitive than ever. The combination of a fast-moving regulatory landscape and rising member expectations around the quality, responsiveness and personalization of services means that agility and cost-efficiency have never been more important for health plan payers.

HM Health Solutions (HMHS) — a leading technology partner for the healthcare industry — knew that many health plan partners were facing similar challenges around attracting members, fostering member loyalty, and managing costs.

How HMHS could liberate data from its cloud platform to allow clients to build new services and enhance member experiences

HMHS is using Amplify API Management Platform to transform its portfolio of healthcare solutions into a catalog of API-driven services — enabling clients to construct new digital experiences powered by the HMHS cloud platform.