One Solution for Many Projects: An Agnostic Approach



Easily deploy and enforce accounting standards and regulations. Track everything and respond to internal or regulatory audits without delay.


Quickly integrate financial information systems to pilot a new business entity faster. Manage and report across multiple legal entities and automate processes inside and outside the company.

Cloud migration and ERP rationalization

Decrease costs, risks, delays and increase data quality when converging existing systems to an up-to-date Financial Management System or a new core model.

Finance transformation

Increase automation and efficiency, leverage sourced financial data, and build trust.
Integrate functionalities of new components cloud-based or on premise using real-time events and APIs.

AFAH core functions


  • Enables control of financial data by the Financial Department
  • Ensures quality, traceability, and justification of data processing
  • Simplifies connectivity with different data producers and consumers
  • Transforms data based on accounting rules
  • Provides audit and data recycling tools
  • Offers services for configuring and supervising financial and accounting data flows


AFAH core functions

Companies using Financial Accounting Hub

Cut the cost of compliance and gain business agility

AUXIA automatically processes and delivers financial data in the formats its clients and regulators require and can update formats by simply changing business rules — helping to strengthen client relationships, ensure compliance, and contain costs.

Processing tens of millions of business events every day

BNP Paribas adapts accounting systems while providing an increasingly wider and more detailed spectrum of information to stakeholders, both internal and external, in a constantly evolving environment.

Scaling data volumes and boosting processing speeds

La Poste optimizes its accounting information system for improved performance and standards-based processes, while distributing control of business rules and processes to functional players.

Gain in business agility

With greater business agility, ODDO BHF can launch a new product very quickly since it only takes two to four weeks to make the necessary accounting adjustments.

AFAH ecosystem

AFAH resources