The substance of CSOS compliance

See precisely how Axway helps you comply with DEA regulatory standards for controlled substances ordering.



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Axway CSOS benefits

Reach your current and future objectives for DEA compliance and business with Axway Controlled Substance Ordering System Software.

SaaS Open API strategy

Gain business agility and speed to meet today's demands – and tomorrow's – by leveraging an open API approach to CSOS that works across your digital ecosystem.

Efficiency and scalability

Process large volumes of orders more effectively with a scalable CSOS solution whether you're a controlled substance manufacturer, distributor, dispenser, or pharmacy.

Simple registration and certification management

Increase user engagement and satisfaction with a consistent user experience and simple integration. Axway CSOS manages certificates out of the box for compatibility with modern applications.

Cutting-edge security

Drummond Certified CSOSAxway worked directly with the Drug Enforcement Agency to build a secure, Drummond-Certified CSOS solution that requires no redirects or complex authentication schemes.

The pillars of Axway CSOS

Speed processing, ensure security, and verify certification to meet the strict use case requirements of controlled substance ordering.

First step

Take the manual effort out of controlled substance ordering by processing electronic E222 controlled substance orders in real-time with full DEA compliance. DEA Form 222a and DEA Form 224 are related CSOS forms.

2nd step

As users register on the system, certificates are uploaded to the secure vault through an integrated customer portal that gives users a familiar interface with seamless interaction.

Certificate & Password Verification

Certificates are cross-referenced against the control revocation list published by the DEA. This prevents any inactive certificates from being used in the signing process. Valid certificates are signed using a password known only to the certificate owner.

Axway CSOS capabilities

Secure, multi-use, multi-deployment CSOS solution capabilities along the entire supply chain.

End-to-end reliability

Axway CSOS provides DEA Form e222 processing, license verification, certificate revocation and management, and other capabilities for manufacturers, distributors, dispensers, and pharmacies.

Multi-role deployment

Distribution customers are responsible for CSOS on the purchase side from manufacturers and as a signing resource for customers. Axway CSOS provides integration functionality across all roles.

CSOS central signing

Axway CSOS supports a central signing workflow for customers relying on a dispenser network with central signing authority.

Multi-use solution, inside and out

Axway CSOS technology offers robust backend versatility that allows customers to successfully extend their use cases outside of direct, CSOS-related applications.

Optimizing CSOS processes across 1500 locations

“We are harnessing the API capabilities of the Axway solution to deliver EDI metadata directly to the business. For example, on the outbound side we’ve created a workflow that automatically shows users when their message has been sent and acknowledged by a partner. This deflects calls away from our EDI helpdesk, and frees our team to focus on other development and support activities.”

– Scott Marshall, Director, Application Delivery Services, AmerisourceBergen

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220,000 pharmaceutical orders processed a day

"Cardinal Health is excited to build on the strong foundation we have with Axway to create new solutions for our customers and improve healthcare overall."
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Modern CSOS. What it is. Why it's important.


According to the CSOS definition provided by the U.S. Department of Justice, the DEA Controlled Substance Ordering System (DEA CSOS) allows for secure electronic transmission of controlled substance orders without the supporting paper DEA Order Form 222.

Introduced in 2004, Axway CSOS was an on-premises, software-based solution. Since then, innovation in healthcare technology demanded a cloud-managed solution to reduce customer costs, increase security, and provide a better user experience.

With a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach to CSOS, Axway mobilizes a dedicated team of experts to run CSOS processes for customers who don't have the expertise or resources to engage in CSOS internally. It's a more affordable subscription service that also cuts the costs of infrastructure investment, while complying with regulations for controlled substances.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) act as connectors that provide a common language between two or more applications so they can communicate efficiently. An "open" API means this language can be shared between any infrastructure that leverages the API platform.

Axway developed open APIs to provide this capability without having to create a new language or integration technique every time from scratch. What would have taken months to build a new API can now be done in a matter of weeks using an Open API approach. Functionality can be leveraged as an off-the-shelf asset.

The foundational platform for Axway CSOS is Axway B2B Integration, which offers process scalability, agility, and reliability by design. This is why you can apply Axway CSOS to non-CSOS use cases, such as DSCSA traceability integration and other data-driven healthcare processes.

You can learn more about these expanded use cases by visiting our Healthcare Case Studies webpage.

Because systems share a common language with APIs, integrations can be completed faster and more cost-effectively. They're also readily upgradeable to meet changes to the program or surrounding applications.

Innovative business services made possible by an API-driven CSOS approach may include capabilities such as same-day delivery, immediate transaction processing, and others that add value to your business and increase service usability.

APIs are key to providing a better digital experience and meeting the immediate gratification demands of today's users – leading to increases in sales and revenue.

Yes. Axway CSOS offers a modern CSOS approach that retains traditional EDI-based capabilities. It also supports a mix of EDI and API technology where either can be leveraged as needed. For example, as a distributor, you can implement an open API CSOS approach integrated directly into your website, but also process CSOS orders based on EDI files sent directly to you.

Axway offers an efficient, robust platform that serves both use cases concurrently.

Axway CSOS is Drummond Certified and creates the digital form e222 for the DEA. We also focus on security and compliance by providing additional cryptography capabilities such as FIPS 140-2 compliance and a suite of secure transfer protocols. Axway serves as a backbone to highly secure environments, including military and defense, financial services, as well as healthcare and life sciences.

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