Axway MFT Cloud Services. The power of the cloud has never been easier.

Bring the advantages of the cloud to your MFT operations by letting a world-class team of Axway business and technical experts handle it for you in a secure cloud environment.

Axway MFT Cloud Services. The power of the cloud has never been easier.

MFT Cloud Services capabilities

From 100% Axway managed to customer managed, Axway MFT Cloud Services deliver the cloud advantages you need, the control you want, and the expertise you can trust.

Up to 99.99% availability

Adjust and optimize your MFT subscription based on the best service level agreements for your organization.

Govern your file transfers

Stay in control with a private, single-tenant managed cloud environment that allows you to select the deployment regions of your preferred cloud provider.

24x7 follow-the-sun monitoring and alerting

Protect against the latest security threats, vulnerabilities, and intrusions. Ensure your enterprise's mission-critical business processes are constantly monitored.

Security, software, and infrastructure maintenance

Outsource your complete solution operations to Axway or have us manage the system platform while you maintain control and configuration.

Leverage your hyperscaler’s cloud contract commitment

Accelerate your move to the cloud and consolidation for MFT with an experienced team and complete portfolio of support services (AWS, Azure).

Large-scale deployment

Scale up and down and leverage infinite scale-out capabilities backed by an experienced team of experts to ensure your business doesn’t stop.

MFT Managed Cloud Services: Secure, flexible, resilient.

Axway MFT Cloud Services provides a single tenant environment with tiered SLAs up to 99.99%. Outsource all or some of your operations, with total reversibility if your needs change.

MFT Managed Cloud Services: Secure, flexible, resilient.

What you get

Base subscription level service

Includes the required infrastructure and Axway software for the sizing tier and service level you select. Platform setup, provisioning, and network connectivity provide:

  • 24x7 monitoring and alerting
  • Level 3 support for platform and software
  • Infrastructure, software and security maintenance
  • Solution access
  • Customer success management

Business service requests

Provides an added level of post go-live support to help you administer and maintain your solution such as data-flow troubleshooting, incident management and root cause analysis, support for data flow operations during business hours and more.

Value-added services

Available for an additional fee

Starting your MFT Cloud Service. A simple, step-by-step process.

1. Scope your requirements with our experts

Meet Axway team at kick-off meeting to agree on subscription levels, options and production GoLive date objective.

2. Allow access to your back-end systems for integration and support

Technical access to Axway Cloud Services is granted with the first non-prod environment. Subscription starts.

3. Develop a disaster recovery plan with Axway

If applicable, and often recommended, the DR plan and related requirements are set together with Axway experts.

4. Conduct testing and go-live of the production environment

Confirm delivery and testing of different remaining environments including production.

5. Receive proactive support and maintenance

Your MFT Cloud Service is now fully operational with 24x7x365 monitoring and follow-the-sun support.

6. Receive usage reports and submit your business requests

Grow adoption of your MFT service and make ad hoc Business Service Requests (BSRs) as your business evolves.

Understanding MFT cloud services


MFT cloud services allow your IT team to leverage Axway experts for running your MFT operations. We proactively eliminate MFT outages with SLA guarantees, 24x7x365 monitoring, security, and comprehensive cost-effectiveness to allow you to focus on your business.

For all Axway Cloud Services subscriptions, Axway provides customer’s solution as private SaaS (software-as-a-service) and manages the run activities of the platform. When services are purchased, Axway manages all implementation and modification tasks of customer flows and other configurations on the solution layer. Different options and service levels are available with partial or full delegation of the run activities to Axway.

Four service packages are available to give our customers and users the best experience with everyday integrated solutions. Bundled packages choices are Standard (99.5% SLA availability), Advanced (99.9% SLA availability), Premium (99.99% SLA availability) and Premium Plus (99.99% SLA availability bundled with disaster recovery, compliance auditability and more).

Managed cloud services help you overcome the complexity and cost of effectively managing and securing your cloud. The benefits of MFT cloud services include:

  • Improved security. Leverage Axway security investments and ability to keep current with the latest standards.
  • Increased visibility. Monitoring that allows you to anticipate risks to your SLAs and adjust accordingly.
  • Greater availability and scalability. Adjust the cloud resources you purchase from Axway as your cloud requirements shift to meet the needs of users and your business.
  • Reduced costs. You get the ability to outsource the technology and staff required to leverage cloud solutions effectively at scale, enabling you to pay only for the services you consume.

We are the industry standard and know what's best for our customers. Depending on your business profile and your mission critical services and associated systems, our team will help you choose the relevant SLA for your critical flows with your partners or the specific compliance requirements you may have.

Organizations succeeding with Axway MFT Cloud Services

Rapid setup of state-guaranteed loans during Covid-19

Bpifrance helps French enterprises weather the storm and set up an ambitious state-guaranteed loan scheme worth up to EUR 300 billion in just three months

600K partners securely supported

With external MFT collaboration made possible by Axway, the Internal Revenue Service recovers $8.7B in lost tax dollars globally

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