Meet complex security requirements with streamlined data and identity configuration and detect complex security threats with advanced AI detection


Graphically configure data transformations, such as XML/JSON, JSON/JSON, XML/XML minimizing the chance of error


Specify format conversion, security, and manage SLAs and operational stability. Over 200 predefined policy filters simplify management by configuration rather than by code


Distribute API management responsibilities with self-service across the organization and manage microservice mesh routing and load balancing, resiliency, security and service level monitoring

CI/CD Native

Easily snap into your DevOps pipelines enabling you to guide, deliver, control, secure and manage services with your preferred process

PODS Accelerates Innovation

Learn how PODS uses AMPLIFY API management to increase efficiency and developer productivity to quickly deliver new products.

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Extend the digital ecosystem to increase innovation and the value of digital assets

Management of APIs and microservices is critical to delivering the reliability, service levels, security and continual rollout of new and improved functionality. AMPLIFY API Management enables you to simplify and customize how you manage and deliver APIs and microservices.


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Event-driven APIs stream incremental updates, so you only receive new data

Implementing event-driven APIs improves customer UX while reducing bandwidth and increases scalability.

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Configure policies faster

Configure API policies quickly using over 200 predefined policy filters that provide accelerate building policies for authentication, authorization, content filtering, signing, and conversion.

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Simplify how you manage data

Use the Visual Mapper and the Data Map Editor design, source, and run views to design and test XSLT based mappings in a graphical way.

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Implementing API security should not be difficult

Mitigate risk by securing your APIs providing access for those who need it and specifying the conditions that prevent unauthorized access.


Manage identity and reduce risk

Simplify managing identity and protect against potential identity threats using predefined policy filters.


Mitigate risk with threat protection against foundational API and sophisticated cybersecurity attacks

Learn how to achieve optimal security by leveraging PingIntelligence for APIs, an artificial intelligence (AI) engine, integrated with Axway AMPLIFY™ API Gateway, for automatic detection and blocking of new cyberattacks on APIs.


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