Increase API adoption with Amplify Marketplace

Amplify Marketplace is a customizable storefront for all your API products that empowers internal and external app developers to find and consume your APIs fast. It provides developers with a single, consistent experience regardless of endpoint type and location, including subscription management. Marketplace enables you to monetize your APIs through rate plans, usage tracking, and billing interfaces.

Marketplace is a cloud component of the Amplify Platform

  • Optimize the business value of your APIs and target specific domains or app developer constituencies
  • Drive adoption of your API products by making them easier to find and subscribe to
  • Monetize your APIs to drive digital business outcomes and open potential new revenue streams
  • Internal and/or external developers have to waste time and effort visiting multiple API portals to get the exact API they need
  • There are differing subscription mechanics and security credentials needed for every portal, adding to complexity
  • You want to do charge-back or monetize API products directly but you don't have the capability
  • Most API management vendors focus only on APIs that are native to or secured by their products and published in their portal
  • Most API management vendors don't address the business value of their APIs (which resides in their consumption), nor do they compose or highlight API products relevant to a specific developer's use cases
  • Public marketplace vendors – API aggregators – cannot provide a personalized brand experience
  • Most companies have some concept of API monetization but they vary in sophistication and value
  • Most development tools focus only on building APIs, not on driving their consumption
  • Increased customer centricity since the experience of finding and using your APIs is greatly simplified for developers
  • Driving productivity through discovery and reuse rather than recreating the APIs your partners or developers need saves costs
  • Monetizing your API products – directly or indirectly – boosts revenue

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