About productizing APIs

Amplify Product Foundry lets you build API products by linking multiple API assets to create a digital business service that can be marketed and monetized. Select APIs from across your distributed platforms, group them by domain or target audience, and document their value and engagement instructions. You can create and manage API products with subscription plans for monetization and publish them to your Amplify Marketplace for easy consumption by developers everywhere.

Product Foundry is a cloud component of the Amplify Platform

  • Deliver a more complete API offering to developers (APIs, documentation, subscription plans, and engagement help) to drive faster adoption
  • Align APIs to business goals and operations, instead of technical infrastructure, to reduce complexity
  • Monetize your API services directly or indirectly to open potential new revenue streams


  • You are experiencing difficulty or delays in getting your APIs adopted by internal and external developers
  • The need to find and subscribe to multiple API services across multiple platforms is increasingly complex
  • You are unable to align API metrics with business outcomes
  • You want to monetize elements of your API program
  • Other companies do not have a way to simplify combining APIs into products and must fall back on manual processes to get it done
  • They lack visibility into API products created by other vendors or teams
  • Few offer the ability to monetize API usage
  • Realizing value from API-dependent digital business initiatives by aligning IT efforts to business outcomes leads to faster revenue growth
  • Monetizing API products opens potential new revenue streams
  • Modernizing your API infrastructure without having to rip and replace existing systems saves money

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