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API governance is a methodology for managing possible threats to the security of an API. APIs are susceptible to security breaches or possible dangers. To avoid this, you must have an API governance tool in place to secure your APIs.

Simply put, an API governance tool aids an API to identify hazards that can harm your data. Further, an API governance tool empowers you to establish clear and present control over the API, this allows for better safekeeping and storage.

API governance tools help identify risks to a provider’s data. By having this in place, you are protecting your API and allowing for a safe and effective API delivery. An API governance tool makes certain that you are safeguarded. This permits a greater level of protection for your API.

To function in today’s complex world, APIs can become skewed, things can fall through the cracks and your API can become impaired. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to have a secure API governance tool in place.

Security first and always

APIs, when created for an inhouse team, can become crippled due to third-party tools. This certainly creates security risks. It also means that there are a variety of data resources that need to be blocked to ensure smooth utilization. 

Key characteristics of an API governance tool that are necessary parts of the puzzle are making certain that only people with full-on authorized admittance are allowed into the API platform. This helps to preserve and safeguards your data.

API Management Lifecycle
Many tools can come into play for an API governance tool. For one thing, you will need to be able to track an API from start to finish. Further, you need to cover all your bases to make certain that your API doesn’t go off the railroad tracks. This means knowing if it’s protected, as well as defining standards to have properly in place.

Axway AMPLIFY API Management is a great example of an API governance tool. With this system in place, you have full integration services at your disposal to secure your API and its total lifecycle. This is part of API governance from start to finish (so-called retirement in the API world). To thrive, your API needs coverage. Without a lifecycle management system in place, your availability of protection is truly off and not working it its best ability.