Move your integration to the cloud

Accelerate innovation by modernizing your traditional B2B integration with the ability to handle API's, file sharing in addition to traditional EDI.

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Lay the foundation for innovation

Imagine your business with real-time analysis, end-to-end supply chain visibility, and lower overhead and maintenance costs. Axway can show you how to build on your existing data.

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Manage supply chain data

Even if you currently have end-to-end supply chain data, analyzing it in real time can be challenging. Accelerate data transfers and ensure high-availability access for partners, analysts and executives by letting Axway help you do more with your data. 

Safety and preparedness

Axway ensures that systems and data transfers are secure and meet the rigorous standards of compliance agencies and relevant laws.

  • Ensure compliance with global regulating bodies
  • Easily manage recall tracking and logistics
  • Protect against counterfeiting
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Operationalize your data

Take operations to the next level by meeting SLAs, improving capital operating ratios, and reducing the number and frequency of processing errors and chargeback disputes. Axway’s automation tools and agile data infrastructure allow for more data to be transferred more quickly and more securely.