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First, take the assessment

Spend less than 5 minutes answering 15 questions about your organization’s digital and API strategy, technology, plans, and capabilities.

Then see how you scored

You will immediately see your overall score, which measures your current digital maturity compared to your peer organizations.

Lastly, get your free report

Register for your personalized report to get a deeper look at your results and next steps for accelerating digital success.

Why take the digital maturity assessment?


Goal orientation

Developed by the Axway Catalysts team of API and digital transformation experts, the questions get right to the heart of where your organization stands in five key areas: Vision, Culture, Adoption, Execution, and Growth 

Journey progress

Your score shows how far you’ve progressed on your digital journey, and indicates whether you are currently struggling, reacting, experimenting, coasting, or disrupting with your API program and digital strategy as it stands today.

Recommended path forward

Your full report presents the bigger picture and insights on what you need to do to move forward as fast as possible. It includes your individual “spider chart” to help you spot strengths and weaknesses in the five key maturity areas, recommendations for next steps, and guidance for avoiding pitfalls that could cost you precious time (and a lot of money) down the road.

What’s your digital maturity?

Take the Digital Maturity Assessment
What’s your digital maturity?