Easy partner onboarding

Leverage APIs to cut onboarding time to minutes

Always-on service

Meet SLAs with a highly scalable, multi-cluster environment

Governance and compliance

Support the latest industry, security, and data integrity standards

Deploy and manage easily

On-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud or Axway Managed Cloud


Seamless data sharing in the cloud

"We needed to size our infrastructure to meet the growing demand on the platform. The elasticity of the cloud and the flexibility of Axway B2B Integration were the perfect combination to help us to meet our business requirements in a timely manner."

– Rick Rubin, CEO and President, OneHealthPort

Powerful B2B integration has never been easier

Partner and community management

Empower and manage your entire community quickly and easily. Support member self-service onboarding and enrollment, partner SLA tracking, testing, and endpoint management.

B2B Communications

Connect your enterprise to all your customers, suppliers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies with an extensive set of secure B2B and communications protocols that offer policy enforcement and high availability

Mapping and orchestration

A packaged, robust, and comprehensive library of B2B application formats and adapters, a powerful map designer, and wizard-based integration process


Real-time visibility

Dashboards, KPIs, and SLA alerts provide actionable insights for both business and IT users on business data, business processes, and exceptions -- enabling you to respond before they become issues


Exchange e-invoices and business documents with more than 200,000 public and private entities using a single, secure channel plus archive all your e-invoices in one place to meet the regulations of over 50 nations

Managed Cloud Services

Reduce operational costs by letting Axway’s experts manage your B2B Integration environment in a highly secure cloud environment

TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM)

A pre-configured B2B solution, integrates, controls, and monitors internal and external processes from start to finish across your global automotive supply chain

Companies are turning to Axway B2B Integration

Leading brands in all kinds of industries are adopting new approaches to B2B integration to stay competitive and grow

Seamless data sharing in the cloud

OneHealthPort promotes quality patient experiences and care by enabling healthcare organizations to securely connect and share medical, insurance, and other critical data seamlessly

Simplified production and supply chain

Poppelmann migrates from an on-premises solution to a secure managed private cloud designed to optimize their global B2B supply chain

Security and visibility

ASEAN achieved a high level of security and end-to-end visibility of B2B transactions, meeting stringent requirements around data governance and information security, and cutting cargo release time in half

Compatibility and implementation

Axway API-driven B2B/EDI integration lets you engage your customers and partners across digital channels. You can support new integration patterns in an ecosystem that combines APIs and cloud services into a single solution. Axway consultants have a rich set of delivery accelerators, best practices, and the expertise needed to advance your business goals.

Amplify Application Integration

Amplify Business Partner Engagement

“From the beginning, Axway has advised us professionally and technically on an equal footing. With the new Axway B2B solution and a private cloud, we can realize our increasing number of customer requests reliably and within a reasonable timeframe.”
— Popplemann


API-driven EDI

Engage customers and partners across digital channels and support new integration patterns with an ecosystem that combines APIs and cloud services into a single solution

Experienced experts

Our full range of professional consultancy services look at solution delivery as a journey with our customers and with a defined approach that permits a tailored experience

You are in control

Axway B2B Integration software is the same whether you manage it or we do. You choose the level of delegation that works for you, and if it needs change, you can bring all operations back in-house.

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Need B2B Integration product support?