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Axway B2B Integration Platform allows you to engage with partners securely, streamline EDI and API flows, and leverage value-added services such as e-Invoicing, PEPPOL, API management, and API-driven VAN. Powered either by Axway B2Bi (as B2B Software), or Axway Cloud B2B.

Axway B2B Integration capabilities

Optimize your business performance whether you manage your B2B integrations yourself, or let Axway manage your operations for you. Schedule a free strategy session to see how.

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Axway Business Network

Get the flexibility to choose either point-to-point EDI or VAN connection for your partner onboarding. Axway B2B Integration Platform with Axway Business Network provides a single point of management for a variety of EDI protocols, modern VANs, and APIs.

Partner and community management

Quickly onboard and provision your vendors and their endpoints. Axway supports self-service onboarding and enrollment, partner SLA tracking, testing, and endpoint management.

B2B communications

Connect your enterprise to all your partners to quickly communicate using their preferred standards and protocols, all with the highest levels of security and availability.

Mapping and orchestration

Onboard new trading partners using one of the richest libraries of B2B application formats and adapters on the market, along with a powerful map designer and wizard-based integration solution.

Real-time visibility

Meet SLAs and optimize business operations with real-time EDI visibility into the activity of all applications inside your enterprise and throughout your digital B2B ecosystem.

e-Invoicing B2B and B2G e-invoicing

Rely on Axway e-Invoicing to be fully B2B and B2G compliant in the countries where you do business. Axway PEPPOL Access Point connects you with more than 200,000 public and private entities using a single, secure channel.

B2B Managed Cloud Services

Axway Managed Cloud Services gives you the power of a cloud platform with the business and technical expertise of a world-class team. Reduce operational costs by letting our experts manage your needs in a highly secure cloud environment.

Companies succeeding with Axway B2B Integration


Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Employment agency shortens 5 years of application processing to 3 months during Covid-19​


Pharma giant uses B2Bi to rapidly identify and solve EDI issues and meet demanding SLAs


Healthcare IT provider helps improve patient experience with secure data-sharing in the cloud


Reduced cargo release time by 50% and got 900,000 certifications of origin exchanged electronically.


Pöppelmann has 250 partners across 90 countries sharing data and 15,000 messages sent per month

Olaneo Consulting

Increased their annual EDI volumes by 10%. Implemented 24/7 availability across timezones, reducing business risk

Schedule a free B2B Integration strategy session

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to Axway’s Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.
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Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B


Axway takes all the complications out of handling your B2B Integration ecosystem, relieving the burden on your teams so they can focus on more pressing initiatives.


Adjust, adapt, and optimize your operations as needed without hassle and in real time. Scale up and down easily based on your evolving organizational requirements

Less risk

Managed Cloud Services makes it easier to outsource part or all of your B2B integration, plus you can bring them back inhouse anytime without disruption. You're always in control.


Avoid penalties for missed SLAs with a support architecture that reduces downtime to zero. Always up to date software further enhances security and reporting.

Faster results

Axway's flexible managed cloud environment scales dynamically with your business, allowing you to achieve a secured cloud infrastructure that is optimized for high availability using AWS, Azure, private cloud or multi-tenant.

Peace of mind

Axway provides an advanced architecture that easily meets security standards such as ITIL, SOC, ISO900, ISO27001, EU Directive 95/42/EC, GDPR, and HIPAA.

B2B integration.
What it is and why it’s important.


Traditional, manual-based data exchange processes are often too complex, inefficient, and error-prone to use and manage. In addition, they don’t offer the real-time capabilities that businesses need to do business at the speed of digital.

That’s where Business to Business integration comes in. Also known as B2B, it automates communication and processes between your business and customers, suppliers, financial institutions, and regulatory databases. This approach to secure data sharing works by collecting information from your applications, standardizing it to the needs of each partner, and then sending the documents to the right organization as required.

By automating these processes, you ensure your trade partners can easily and securely exchange the critical business data you need to work in a digital world.

The two terms are often used interchangeably to describe the method for connecting partner databases and applications. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an established technology that is often found in supply chain processes like order-to-cash and procure-to-pay. However, it’s only capable of asynchronous interactions and is confined to standardized protocols.

A modern solution uses APIs to permit real-time access and sharing of data directly into business applications. As a result, this makes B2B ideal for use cases like e-commerce, real-time payments, social, and customer experience.

It’s not a matter of picking one or the other; both have a place in your data exchange stack. The key is to use a centralized integration solution to connect securely while reducing operational risk and costs.

A B2B solution creates a single source of truth and control for all data connections between your organization and the systems of your customers, suppliers, banks, and other business partners. Because every organization has its own methods, B2B processes, applications, and data sources, a modern approach is critical to automate the collection and exchange of files in a way that makes it easy for everyone to access and understand.

B2B helps you stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth by making it simple to manage all your B2B transactions using a single solution. It can help you:

  • Empower partners by making it simple to onboard, manage, and provision endpoints
  • Improve communication across your entire partner ecosystem, regardless of their specific B2B messaging protocols
  • Simplify EDI through flexible, drag-and-drop visual data mapping and orchestration
  • Improve visibility into KPIs and SLAs for actionable insights for both business and IT users


The main point of B2B is to automate supply chain workflows to improve ordering, purchase order processing, business document exchange, and other business processes. Therefore, the technology is integral to organizations with many different connections to customers, suppliers, and financial institutions that exchange data in large volume and in real time. Industries that commonly leverage this approach include manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, logistics, and finance.

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