Order-to-Cash Optimization

Reduce days sales outstanding with transactional intelligence

Reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) is a top priority in the C-suite, but it can be tricky because invoicing is much more complicated in today's electronically connected global supply chains.

Axway can help.

Axway enables you to capture key metrics throughout the order-to-cash process cycle in real time, and provide that transactional intelligence in the right context, to the right people, at the right time. With visibility into events as they occur, your IT staff, your business managers and your trading partners can collaboratively reduce DSO, and your company can better manage and verify cash flows, improve quality of service and reduce costs throughout the order-to-cash cycle.

How does the solution work?

To address the issues associated with managing the billing process, Axway enables you to monitor the entire invoice cycle — from invoice origination to receipt at the payer system.

Similar to online package tracking capabilities provided by the major logistics carriers, Axway also delivers insight into and correlation of all invoice processing events to help accelerate your cash collections.

The ability to track and store all interactions (such as emails) that occur between the collector and payer provides a detailed audit trail for the dispute resolution process.

Relevant Products

  • Axway Sentinel

    Mobile and web dashboards for SLA monitoring and KPI measurement

    • Gain visibility into what is happening between all applications inside your enterprise, across your B2B ecosystem and in the cloud — all accessible via mobile devices
    • Give business managers the ability to manage and monitor invoicing transactions in the context of your business, such as tracking KPIs in real time
    • Set up real-time alerts and rules-based routing to help users quickly troubleshoot problems and meet SLAs
  • Secure Gateways

    The right Axway gateway secures file transfer and B2B connectivity for multiple channels and formats, so you can:

    • Connect your enterprise with partners of varying size, importance and technical sophistication
    • Create manageable, secure and auditable two-way communications channels with a hybrid cloud services and solutions approach
    • Connect with suppliers, partners, distributors, and third-party service providers across private or public marketplaces
    • Exchange financial information with customers and partners using the networks (including SWIFT), protocols (including EBICS) and formats they require

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