B2B & EDI Integration

As societies converge, your B2B integration should, too.


APIs open data flows between traditional EDI and the modern world.

EDI is still an efficient way to exchange business data. But with a single, hybrid system, you can complement EDI with the speed and accessibility of the mobile cloud, where customers and corporate partners are spending more and more of their day-to-day.

With an API-enabled EDI platform, enterprises can monitor and control data flow within their trading community in real time and open B2B services to other applications, portals and mobile apps. By combining API and EDI together into one system that operates in the cloud or on-premise, you’ll cut the time, cost and resources needed to maintain multiple data streams. 

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Build a secure and agile B2B integration data infrastructure by combining API, MFT and B2B into shared services
  • Leverage existing assets to preserve past investment and be ready for a digital future
  • Secure existing integration services and leverage them for maximum efficiency
  • Ensure real-time, end-to-end visibility into all data streams for better decision-making
  • Establish a multi-channel, omnipresent business model to reach consumers wherever they are
  • Inspire greater engagement among partners, suppliers and others in your trading community
Replace or consolidate existing EDI solutions due to end-of-life, end-of-support or lack of feature enhancements
  • Automate and rationalize business processes across the enterprise
  • Lower the cost of ownership associated with multiple B2B EDI systems
  • Improve operational efficiency and ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or other unforeseen event
  • Incorporate or decommission EDI systems following M&A and divestments
Connect with any partner, regardless of location or level of technical capability
  • Manage complex global trading communities
  • Expand in high-growth and/or low-tech emerging markets including India, China, Africa, Mexico and Brazil
  • Speed time-to-market and time-to-revenue
  • Enable partner self-service
Provide the business with on-demand reports to improve decision making
  • Provide fact-based insights such as order-to-cash statistics and weekly volume trends and amounts
  • Prevent revenue loss due to lost orders
  • Support invoice-to-order and back-end ERP reconciliation
Handle growing B2B traffic volumes and respond to increasing business demands
  • Do business in the 24-hour global economy
  • Maintain reliable performance to meet just-in-time requirements
  • Expand into new regions and markets through M&A
Meet customer and partner demand to support new communication protocols and formats
  • Adapt to changes in your supply/value chain
  • Stay up to date with emerging industry standards and regulatory mandates
  • Expand into new verticals that require specific protocols
  • Respond quickly to new demands
Give technical and business users access to real-time information from the web and mobile devices
  • Track, report and present data movement events
  • Avoid SLA penalties, revenue loss and customer churn
  • Gain the end-to-end process visibility required to proactively address issues in real time
Enable mobile B2B collaboration, communication and transactions
  • Provide partners with secure mobile access to existing business applications and data assets
  • Serve new channels and connect with new partners
  • Introduce contextual access control based on user identity, device and geo-location
  • Provide mobile notifications for improved exception handling
Support the new AS4 industry standard for interoperability
  • Comply with specific government and industry regulations in your country or region
  • Guarantee interoperability for information exchange with your suppliers, customers and partners
  • Retain existing business and engage with new customers and partners looking for an AS4-compliant solution
  • Support asynchronous “pull” data exchange patterns not supported by the current AS2 standard

Learn how API-enabled EDI lets you capitalize on the best of both worlds.