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Why you need one

An API Management Platform is a device that acts as a delegate for people to protect their online service from being brought down by too many requests.  

A special job

An API Management Platform has a very special job in the API world. To give you an example, when you go to the doctor’s office, there is usually an assistant who takes your information then relays it to the doctor. This enables the visit to go more efficiently and quickly, thereby cutting out the processing time for the doctor. An API Management Platform is no different, the platform relays requests between customers, partners and APIs. This speeds up the process and stops a user from making more demands than an API can handle. The API Management Platform protects the API from being overburdened—a real problem in the API world.

The right management platform solution for your company

Axway AMPLIFY API Management is an excellent system to manage your platform. By using an API Management Platform, you protect your APIs from being bogged down. Congestion causes huge problems for the API system. As always, security is one of the main reasons you need a strong API Management Platform in place. Since APIs expose one’s data for use by apps, having a platform that is “watching” your information allows for greater protection and comfort for companies and their clients. 

Security is always at the forefront of a company’s mind when choosing an API Management Platform. This is the premier reason a company invests in an API Management Platform; to make sure that their APIs are indeed secure. Further, an exceptional API Management Platform oversees your APIs and keeps an eye on your system. This gives you access to information to address problems that come up in real time—allowing you to fix them in a timely manner. 

Check out this great video on how to secure your APIs with API Management.