What is API Management?

API management is the process of building and publishing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in a secure and scalable environment. Full lifecycle API Management will help you increase digital business from the early stages of designing and developing APIs full circle to publishing them and analyzing how they perform.



Increase digital business with full lifecycle API Management

Code or assemble APIs, models, and connectors.

Configure policies to manage data, access, and orchestration.

Implement a high-level of security designed to prevent breaches.

Manage an API catalog from registration through publishing and retirement.

Increase developer adoption and accelerate learning to use your APIs.

Measure and monitor API performance and success with IT, business, and predictive metrics.

Axway named a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4 2018.

Build APIs

Accelerate building APIs that drive business value with API Builder

  • Code or assemble APIs with a visual point-and-click model wizard.
  • Use pre-built connectors or a connector SDK to create custom connectors to any data source.
  • Use automatically generated documentation for APIs and models.
  • View performance visualization with step-by-step execution detail for each API request.
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Govern APIs

Over 200 preconfigured filters simplify processing of API requests and the messages that accompany them. Configure policies to define the rules for:

  • Managing data, including transformation from SOAP to REST
  • Operational stability with throttling and quota mechanisms
  • Authorization to control access
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Secure APIs

Protect your business and mitigate risk with enterprise-grade API security. 

  • Preconfigured filters simplify creating security policies and protect against the OWASP Top 10 and threats yet to be discovered.
  • Common Criteria certification enables deployment that satisfies the most demanding security and compliance requirements.
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Publish APIs

APIs are only useful if they are available to all who might use them. 

  • Publish APIs to a catalog so they can be used globally and specify who can access them.
  • Manage the lifecycle of API stages from registration through publishing and retirement.
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Promote APIs

Your APIs become valuable when more developers use them. 

  • Streamline registration and accelerate adoption with an API portal
  • Build a vibrant developer community, whether your ecosystem is internal, with partners, or extends to developers anywhere
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Analyze APIs

Measure the progress and success of your API program.

  • Real-time monitoring for troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Operational, developer, app and business metrics 
  • Predictive analysis identifies abnormal trends
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Part of Axway AMPLIFY

AMPLIFY API Management is part of the AMPLIFY hybrid integration platform that delivers greater business innovation and efficiency while reducing risk by streamlining the interaction of people, businesses, and systems.

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