Managed File Transfer

Axway SecureTransport. Scalable, secure file transfer.

Used in some of the largest, most critical MFT deployments in the world, Axway SecureTransport ensures uncompromising performance, scalability, reliability, and functionality. Reduce MFT costs and complexity, and add self-service capabilities to meet all business and compliance requirements.

Axway SecureTransport. Scalable, secure file transfer.

SecureTransport capabilities

Enterprise-grade capabilities

SecureTransport is the most scalable and resilient MFT product on the market, with fault-tolerance and high availability to meet the secure file transfer needs of your organization. Enterprise clustering, zero downtime upgrades, file transfer acceleration, and guaranteed delivery ensure you never miss a service level agreement.

Comprehensive security

For secure managed file transfer, SecureTransport offers end-to-end controls and clear visibility into your data regardless of the applications, systems, or platforms you and your trading partners have in place. Data is encrypted and secured at all stages of the transfer.

Full audit and governance

Complete audit, reporting, and alerting capabilities keep you on top of business. You get real-time notification of technical or business-related issues that may impact your SLAs. Meet regulatory governance requirements with comprehensive tracking and auditing of all transfers.

Expose MFT services

Leverage the REST APIs to easily expose secure file transfer services and integrate SecureTransport with your existing IT infrastructure and file transfer processes to preserve and make the most of your investments.

Delegate administration

Integrate with Axway Flow Manager for business and IT self-service capabilities. A single administrative and management user interface supports your complete MFT ecosystem.

Flexible deployment

Choose what works for you. Axway SecureTransport supports all major deployment methods, including on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and as a managed service.

World-class support

Axway helps you plan, execute, and support your MFT ecosystem, providing the maximum availability and reliability of secure file transfers to ensure your business doesn’t stop.

Companies succeeding with SecureTransport

Increase efficiency by consolidating file transfer capabilities

The State of California uses a centralized Managed File Transfer service to secure and automate all file exchanges for 22 California state agencies running 54 different projects

Strengthen security while enhancing transparency

To integrate with legacy systems throughout the financial industry and leading-edge web services platforms found in nimble fintechs, BECU implemented SecureTransport to handle all connection needs using a single, central platform

Cost savings, less risk, and faster transaction processing

Bank of the West implemented SecureTransport to implement a configurable, open-architecture platform for corporate payables, receivables, customer integration, and accurate reporting

The industry standard for secure and reliable file data integration

Our commitment to security – in culture and process – enables Axway to offer you enterprise-grade MFT with available SLA options up to 99.99% and follow-the-sun support. Our always-on solutions leverage Axway MFT on-premises, or in any cloud, so you can rest easy knowing your solution is the industry standard for secure, reliable, and efficient file data integration.

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