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Improve performance and proactively manage your supply chain with real-time visibility and control

In your complex global business ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, logistics companies, retailers, and group purchasing organizations, you need to be able to see, orchestrate and react to transactions and events as they happen. Otherwise, information gaps can lead to disruptions in your supply chain including unpredictable demand, lost sales opportunities, product launch delays and increased costs.

If you have real-time visibility and control over transactions and events — right down to the data level — you can reduce stock-outs, avoid excess inventory and lower transaction costs while also avoiding regulatory violations.

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Shorten the order-to-cash cycle and eliminate latency within the transaction process
  • Improve capital operating ratios by reducing days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Lower costs by reducing processing errors and chargeback disputes
  • Gain visibility into transactional data and multi-enterprise processes
  • Improve quality of service to meet SLAs
Orchestrate global business interactions to address both demand-side volatility and supply-side complexity
  • Quickly establish connections with channels, customers, suppliers, OEMs, service partners, banks, customs, carriers, third-party logistics providers and others
  • Eliminate surprises with end to end visibility upstream to customers and downstream to suppliers
  • Expand in high-growth and/or low-tech emerging markets including India, China, Africa, Mexico and Brazil
  • Enable partner self-service and eliminate IT resources required to manage complex communities
Establish a central infrastructure for managing and securing the complete lifecycle for all file flows
  • Automate partner file flows, including purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping notifications, sales reports, delivery notices, invoices and inventory reports
  • Automate data exchange with production sites and distribution centers
  • Ensure on-time file delivery to support just-in-time processing and meet SLAs
  • Give departments and divisions the autonomy to manage connectivity and transfers for their partners and customers
Provide partners and suppliers with mobile or portal programmatic access to process information
  • Enable tighter integration with your suppliers
  • Provide better customer service and tracking to KPIs
  • Leverage innovation to improve productivity and lower costs
Optimize track-and-trace initiatives for regulatory compliance, recall management and a safer supply chain
  • Combat counterfeiting
  • Detect product diversion
  • Ensure global regulatory compliance
  • Generate and manage unique serial numbers across multiple manufacturing sites
Gain the command and control your operations teams need to be proactive, not reactive
  • Improve operational performance and the customer experience
  • Give all stakeholders — operations staff, risk and compliance officers, sales and operations planning (S&OP), customer relationship managers and executives — the actionable intelligence they need to achieve their operational objectives
  • Support omni-channel efforts and hone inbound and outbound logistics to become a demand-driven network

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