Banking and Financial Services

Enable your innovative digital strategy and integrate client and partner ecosystems while ensuring FSI regulatory compliance

In the digital economy, banking and insurance customers are more demanding and competition is more intense. At the same time, new accounting standards and financial regulations are dramatically increasing the volume of data your organization needs to generate and manage.

To successfully compete and grow in the digital era, you need to deliver innovative new services, support more interaction schemes, and engage "connected" customers and partners across all digital channels. And to improve efficiency and satisfy stringent service-level agreements and regulatory requirements, you need the security, visibility and optimization required to integrate and govern financial data flows — both within your enterprise and throughout your business ecosystem of customers, partners and regulators.

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Develop or expand your digitalization strategy
  • Enable outbound omni-channel services to connected customers, partners and field sales teams
  • Integrate with partners to aggregate their digital services or to open new distribution channels
  • Link elementary enterprise services such as “payment” and securely expose the resulting aggregated service
  • Provide visibility into data usage (both business data and metadata) to enable monetization of your services and monitor SLAs
Manage multiple financial messaging channels
  • Offer a consistent “one-stop shop” for corporate customers that supports financial channels (including EBICS and SWIFT) and formats (including SEPA and NACHA)
  • Intelligently route payments or any financial data flow using either corporate instructions or the most optimal channel for a given payment
  • Seamlessly handle multiple interaction scenarios such as payment initiation from bank-to-bank, bank-to-person, corporate-to-bank and person-to-person
  • Provide real-time insight and end-to-end visibility into critical financial messaging processes to enable business and IT teams to anticipate, detect and respond proactively (e.g. process all High Value Payments before cut-off deadlines for the bank)
Comply with new financial regulations and accounting standards while automating accounting processes and cutting operational costs
  • Comply easily with new accounting standards from the FASB & IASB such as IFRS9 and US GAAP, which are having a pervasive impact on the FSI industry (e.g. financial instruments, consolidation, impairment, leases, insurance contracts, etc.)
  • Ensure that financial accounting/reporting processes, regulatory requirements (e.g. Basel III; Dodd-Frank), and risk management systems (e.g. credit modeling; market risk factors) are integrated, aligned and reconciled at the right frequency or permanentl
  • Efficiently re-engineer and scale accounting integration processes and systems to support the large increases in accounting flows driven by new standards, regulatory requirements, risk management information, and financial system standardization/moderniza
  • Enable the finance department — especially accounting experts — and IT teams to manage accounting schemas and rules, and anticipate, detect and respond to issues that put accounting processes at risk (e.g. daily, monthly or yearly closing process)
Use analytics to improve payments processing
  • Meet customer demand for fast digital payments
  • Automatically identify unusual processing issues such as a higher than expected volume of payments failing their STP route and predict the risk of missing cut-off times
  • Provide actionable intelligence to enable payment operations staff to take corrective actions before the business and customers are impacted
  • Avoid penalties and interest claims

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