Banking and Financial Services

Delight your customers, leverage your partner ecosystem and comply with regulations — all at a low cost-to-income ratio

In the “experience economy,” where consumers expect hyper-personalization of products and services and ubiquitous access to them, you can no longer wait for customers to come to you. Instead, you must proactively engage with connected consumers — across every physical and virtual channel — to offer customized banking, insurance and other services that are tailored for their current life situations. If you don’t act quickly to create a delightful customer experience, a competitor certainly will.

Achieving this shift to customer-centric operations at a low cost-to-income ratio will require an innovative and holistic approach to engaging with the financial services ecosystem. This will include leveraging your own existing services in new digital apps and omni-channel services; improving financial integrations; creating or strengthening security and audit trails to ensure regulatory compliance; and teaming with partners to expand business models and revenue opportunities.

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Develop or expand your digitalization strategy
  • Innovate quickly by creating digital “mash ups” of existing services (loan, policy proposal, payment, etc.)
  • Provide a seamless and secure customer experience across mobile, online, call center, ATM and in-branch interactions
  • Engage with your partner ecosystem to aggregate digital services, open distribution channels or share information (e.g. PSD2)
  • Monetize data and monitor SLAs in real time using powerful analytics
Simplify and improve financial messaging and payment integration
  • Offer a consistent “one-stop shop” to manage a variety of corporate-to-bank or bank-to-bank financial channels and formats
  • Seamlessly handle new payment services (such as initiation) from bank-to-bank, bank-to-person, corporate-to-bank and person-to-person
  • Provide real-time insight into critical financial messaging processes (including immediate payments) and empower business staff to anticipate operational issues
Comply with new accounting standards while automating processes and cutting operational costs
  • Implement IFRS, US GAAP and other accounting rules now and in the future
  • Integrate source systems to general ledgers and other reporting systems, and align and reconcile financial accounting/reporting processes with regulatory requirements and risk management systems
  • Efficiently re-engineer and scale accounting integration processes and systems to support large increases in accounting flows
  • Enable Finance and IT teams to manage accounting methods and rules and proactively mitigate accounting process risks
Use analytics to improve payments processing
  • Meet customer demand for fast digital payments
  • Automatically identify unusual processing issues and predict the risk of missing cut-off times
  • Empower payment operations staff to take corrective actions before the business and customers are impacted
  • Avoid penalties and interest claims

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