Financial Services and Insurance

Integrate your client and partner ecosystems to drive innovation, improve efficiency and achieve regulatory compliance

In the digital economy, banking and insurance customers are more demanding and competition is fierce. At the same time, new accounting standards and financial regulations are dramatically increasing the volume of data your organization needs to generate and manage.

To compete and win, you need to deliver innovative new services, support more interaction schemes, and engage "connected" customers and partners across all digital channels. And to improve efficiency and satisfy stringent service-level agreements and regulatory requirements, you need the security, visibility and optimization required to integrate and govern financial data flows — both within your enterprise and throughout your business ecosystem of customers, partners and regulators.

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Create new revenue streams with seamless payment integration services
  • Offer a consistent “one-stop shop” for corporate customers that supports all financial channels (including EBICS and SWIFT) and global, country and regional formats (including SEPA and NACHA)
  • Easily on-board customers with no development work required on their end and scale to meet the pressure of increasing data flows
  • Intelligently route payments or any financial data flow using either corporate instructions or the most optimal channel for a given payment
  • Seamlessly handle multiple interaction schemes, including bank-to-bank, bank-to-person, corporate-to-bank and person-to-person
Support non-cash electronic and mobile payments to extend your value chain, reduce customer churn and earn new business
  • Gain competitive advantage with an omni-channel digital strategy (online, mobile, cloud) for delivering new products and services tailored to individual customer needs and preferences
  • Provide new e-services such as faster payments, payment initiation and other eSEPA services
  • Introduce new mobile services, including m-payments and mobile wallets
  • Improve the customer experience with bank-to-person and person-to-bank services, alerts and communications
Reach connected consumers and partners with new mobile and online services
  • Respond quickly to customer demands for convenient and transparent real-time services
  • Support new non-cash payment initiatives such as QR codes and tablet-based POS systems
  • Provide a seamless experience across web, mobile and social media platforms
  • Give employees, customers and partners access to information, applications and transactional intelligence anywhere, anytime via their preferred channels and devices
Comply with new accounting standards and financial regulations while cutting operational costs
  • Efficiently re-engineer and scale accounting systems to support large increases in accounting flows driven by more regulatory and reporting requirements
  • Comply with standards and regulations that require audit trails of all transactions, including International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Basel II & III, Solvency II and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Empower accounting experts to manage and modify accounting and reconciliation rules without relying on IT
  • Manage, secure, monitor and analyze accounting data flows across your global enterprise while keeping costs under control
Enhance service levels and efficiency with operational intelligence
  • Provide real-time insight and end-to-end visibility to critical financial and accounting business processes
  • Enable line-of-business and IT teams to anticipate, detect and respond to issues proactively and immediately (e.g. process all payments before cut-off deadlines for the bank)
  • Quickly create new real-time monitoring dashboards to accommodate changes in business processes and reduce operational risks
  • Enable continuous operational performance improvement

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