Axway is the only company in the industry to successfully complete ENTSOG POC

PHOENIX, April 27, 2020 -- Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a leader in B2B integration software, announces it has once again been awarded certification from the Drummond Group for interoperability with AS2 and AS4. This continues the trend of the last 10+ years where Axway serves as the benchmark for all connectivity vendors.

At the end of 2019, ENTSOG coordinated an AS4 Agreement Update Proof of concept (POC) to test a new capability called "Automated Certificate Exchange." Around 10 of the largest gas companies participated in the POC, two of which were Axway customers. After a lengthy POC process, the only companies that were able to successfully complete the POC were the two Axway customers who participated, Gassco and Equinor.

"We are proud to have worked with Axway on this challenging Proof of Concept," said Jarle Rönnevik, Principal Analyst Energy Logistics, OPI BIG BI at Equinor ASA. "We consider it a significant accomplishment, that we were able to successfully complete the testing. Axway was a great partner throughout the process and we feel confident that Axway will continue to drive us to the forefront of our industry's new requirements."

"Axway continues to lead the way for enterprises requiring best-in-class B2B connectivity that delivers value for their past, present, and future ecosystem requirements," said Vince Padua, Chief Technology and Innovation officer at Axway. "As a global leader in B2B integration and ecosystem collaboration, this certification provides out-of-the-box compliance, lowers the cost of ecosystem integration, and can be run on-premise, cloud, or as a managed service with full reversibility. As a forerunner in the modernization of B2B connectivity, Axway continues to innovate to make enterprises more flexible and agile in a rapidly changing B2B and ecosystem landscape." 

AS2 is one of the most popular B2B protocols, used heavily around the globe in nearly every market vertical.  It continues to evolve to keep up with the latest security standards and market demands.

AS4, one of the newest communication protocol standards, has gained significant traction, since being adopted by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas Association (ENTSOG). ENTSOG has taken the standard AS4 specifications and extended them slightly to fit the needs of their specific market, sometimes increasing the need for vendors to keep up with the pace at which ENTSOG is innovating on AS4. Axway continues to show leadership in the space.

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