Ensure secure, efficient delivery of Government services

Large organizations like the Government need to secure, modernize and scale their digital infrastructure to keep services open. From secure data exchange between old and new systems, to flexible deployment options that allow you to choose on-premises or cloud integration. Axway provides the means to get important data to the people who need it—when and where they need it.

Security that meets DoD standards

  • Creation of native Javascript-based mobile apps
  • Mobile app monitoring
  • Centrally controlled FTP interfaces
  • Digital certificate validation in PKI environments

Discover AMPLIFY, Axway's enterprise integration platform

Responsible, efficient service delivery

With the mandate to lower costs while increasing responsiveness, you have to be able to leverage your existing government systems and data storage in newer, more agile ways. Axway’s hybrid integration platform allows you to build fresh user interfaces and applications without a rip-and-replace approach.

Civilian Agency Solutions

  • Shared edge-protection strategies across program boundaries
  • Automate communication among regulated entities
  • HPSD-12 compliance and identity federation through secure PKI Infrastructure

Federal Health Solutions

  • FHIR®-enabled, API-powered solutions
  • Govern data flow between devices, cloud and back-end systems
  • Adhere to FHIR® standards and HIPAA privacy mandates for PHI and PII
  • Securely transfer, monitor and manage health records, claims and benefits information