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Businesses must be built to adapt to changes, they have to be able to move resources around or scale up and down. They need to find new partners and onboard them. They have to automate their processes, and enable self-service. And all of these actions have to happen quickly. To make such business pivots, companies need an agile technology platform that enables change.


  • An API-first approach to open access to heritage systems, processes, and data
  • Cloud based integration through an iPaaS to more quickly connect new cloud based applications and lower cost
  • Mobile application development to bring data and processes together in a more consumable way
  • Self-service tools that allow those outside IT to inquire and change business processes more rapidly



Why APIs matter for business in uncertain times

APIs can automate many business processes and boost self-service for customers.

Adapt to change

The issue now is how to leverage these investments to react quickly. And it is more than just technology. It is about alignment, prioritization and speed that will determine how you can continue as a business.

AMPLIFY lets you integrate heritage data, apps, and services to create something new, or securely expose internal systems to the outside world.

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Evolving for the future

As the world keeps changing, companies have to keep adapting. From the boom in remote work to the shifts in industries like retail and supply chain, keep up with the latest predictions and trends.

Making the case for integration platform as a service

The results of an Aberdeen study of over 300 respondents make a solid case for integration platform as a service, or iPaaS, given the key challenges faced by companies like yours.

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Not sure where to start?

Count on our experts to guide you through. The Axway Catalysts team is on hand to help your business and IT teams reprioritize and get moving. They have the strategy and technology experience and insights to help you make good decisions now that will prepare you for the new way of doing business in the future.

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