As supply chains grow infinitely more complex, counterfeiting, diversion, and importation of unapproved or substandard drugs pose threats to supply chain integrity and consumer safety. With countries around the world implementing and enforcing product serialization and track-and-trace regulations, each with their own unique set of requirements and enforcement timelines, organizations must seamlessly integrate, connect and collaborate with supply chain partners in new ways to transform rigid supply chains into responsive and more proactive end-to-end systems.

Axway Track & Trace helps organizations address today’s challenging and evolving global serialization requirements. The solution delivers an integrated Electronic Product Code Information Systems (EPCIS) event repository for global regulatory compliance, diversion detection, product recalls, and anti-counterfeiting within complex supply chains. Combined with world-class integration technology, the solution provides easy integration to packaging line systems and warehouse management systems for serial number management, product ID verification, and flexible capture and query interfaces.

Axway Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals

Over the past decade Axway has helped the pharmaceutical supply chain meet regulatory traceability mandates emerging around the world. We work with regulatory bodies, administrative agencies, industry groups, and global standards organizations to meet today’s most pressing traceability challenges such as the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD), and other emerging country requirements.

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