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When getting ready to build your API, it’s important to choose the right API builder tool. In choosing a tool, keep in mind that the real pain in application development is data. To build compelling app experiences you must orchestrate data from a wide range of back-end sources.

API builder tools allow you to assemble APIs, models, and connectors to quickly access data and deploy and manage them in a public cloud container platform. APIs are often tied to models exposed by connectors. While this is a powerful and easy way to expose data sources, it does not cover all scenarios and requirements and often a significant amount of Javascript is required to add features to your model based APIs.

Axway’s API Builder tool combines a powerful framework for building APIs with an elastically scalable cloud service for running them. With API Builder, developers can connect, model, transform and optimize data for any app client – whether native or web – in just minutes. Together, API Builder and Axway API Management span the complete API lifecycle, allowing developers to easily build, run, manage and secure all their APIs.

API Builder 3.0 adds another way to build APIs called “API First.” And a new graphical flow editor is included that enables developers to implement all API functionality without any coding. The flows enable custom orchestration between many disparate data sources and external services and greatly reduce the amount of JavaScript. 

Axway API builder offers instant-on infrastructure to mobilize back-end data, improving the app experience. It also eliminates back-end dependencies and offers seamless integration with Axway API Management.

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