Real-time operational monitoring

Identify and troubleshoot issues and drill into individual API requests, message contents, and message payloads providing visibility to topology status and API activity tracking and performance monitoring.

API and App metrics

Understand developer and app use of APIs and API adoption trends. Operational API performance metrics highlight API use including traffic patterns and geographic origin of requests important to managing service level agreements. API infrastructure metrics provide analysis of resource bottlenecks, error rates, and latency.

Mobile Analytics

Instrument your app with performance and crash analytics to provide instant visibility into app performance and quickly identify, pinpoint, and fix app issues reducing app crash rates and improving uptime. 

Predictive analytics

Embedded Analytics for API provides proactive identification of abnormal situations and key operational analysis for decision making. It can also be customized and extended to suit business requirements. Also available via API enabling flexibility to adapt to different business environments.

National Australia Bank

“We implemented a robust API strategy to support the connected experience that delivers value to our customers.” — James Bligh, National Australia Bank

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Understand your digital business

Understanding digital business requires more than operational API metrics. You also need metrics that tell you about apps, and developers and how they combine enabling you to measure how well you are meeting your business goals. AMPLIFY API Management delivers all this as well as predictive analytics that help you identify abnormal patterns before they cause problems that impact business.


Axway AMPLIFY API Management

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Analytics and monitoring

Business success requires understanding digital activity across multiple levels including operational, developer, application, and business goals. Watch the demo to learn about operational API health metrics.

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