Embedded Analytics

Ready-to-use analytics capabilities inside Axway products and solutions including AMPLIFY™ API Management, B2Bi, and SecureTransport.


Embedded Analytics for AMPLIFY API Management

Real-time insights empower API product managers, API platform owners, and community managers work smarter, align with business and IT more proactively, and resolve business and IT issues more effectively.

Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport

Ready-to-use analytics built on AMPLIFY Decision Insight offer immediate value to SecureTransport admins and community managers by proactively identifying file-transfer issues and unsatisfactory partner experiences.

API product managers: Manage and promote your API catalog to speed and increase adoption


Addressing 5 key B2B visibility challenges

Transforming from reactive to proactive

A reliable file-transfer service is a vital piece of a digital B2B ecosystem, supporting mission-critical business operations and helping to avoid missed SLAs with business partners. But it takes operational intelligence and real-time visibility to detect and mitigate external factors that can lead to file-transmission issues.

Find out how Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport can help you constantly monitor file-transfer activity and proactively identify abnormal situations before they impact business operations and relationships.



Download the Embedded Analytics for SecureTransport solution brief

How to optimize the customer experience by empowering business with self-service file transfer intelligence.