Never say you never saw it coming.

Look forward to avoid risks and seize opportunities with predictive analytics.

With exploding volumes of data moving through today’s digital business ecosystems, the inability to detect risks, spot opportunities, and take quick, decisive action either way creates barriers to growth, compliance and security.

Predictive analytics tears down the virtual walls surrounding your digital business. It offers real-time insight into the upstream continuum of digital business processes so that IT and operation management teams can identify risks and move proactively to avoid them. SLAs are met. A critical payment reaches a supplier. Or an exciting sales item reaches a waiting customer.

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Improve process performance — Proactively identify and resolve unusual or unexpected situations before they impact customers and business
  • Identify business transactions at risk of missing SLA and customer delivery deadlines
  • Eliminate surprises related to processing irregularities such as high failure rates, piling-up of transactions, missing expected inbound files from suppliers or unexpectedly high work volumes
  • Detect slowdowns in processing steps for payments, orders, claims, etc. and provide early warning to IT and business operations in order to avoid customer and business impacts
  • Maintain smooth operations by immediately identifying emerging risks
Improve client and supplier performance — Gain a proactive client/supplier-centric view of activity, quality and risk across multiple products to provide better customer experience and value
  • Ensure customer-specific transactions are processed on time to meet SLAs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Understand customer activity patterns so you can upsell with more appropriate services
  • Provide transparency by pushing actionable intelligence and insight to suppliers and customers to foster a more agile and responsive environment
Improve workforce performance — Proactively optimize the workforce to increase efficiency and match demand across multiple activities, processes and geographies
  • Handle unexpected surges in workload by directing available staff to the most urgent queues to meet SLA
  • Empower employees to focus on what is most important to achieving their objectives
  • Provide management with workforce productivity insights to better coach and train teams in order to increase productivity and SLA adherence
Improve business performance — Proactively detect patterns and analyze data with business activity monitoring across organizations and systems
  • Use systematic observation of transactions to identify new business opportunities
  • Identify unreconciled items leading to inaccurate billing and purchase order approvals
  • Provide an objective view of prioritized work in the event of a crisis
  • Provide stakeholders with real-time and historical data and the business context they need to make better and faster decisions
Improve risk management & compliance performance — Proactively make time-sensitive decisions while demonstrating control to auditors and regulators
  • Adapt immediately to regulatory changes
  • Provide monitoring oversight to identify compliance risk, such as DEA Suspicious Order Monitoring in Healthcare or potential security breach
  • Provide complete end-to-end transaction traceability to support audit and prove compliance based on fact, not perception
  • Understand the impact of issues on customer and business obligations and the risk associated with each
Turn massive amounts of valuable data into real-time insight to steer and grow your digital business
  • Transform traditional business operations to grow new digital services
  • Empower executives and their operations teams to make faster, data-driven decisions
  • Optimize service levels and the customer experience
  • Improve supply chain, payment processing and compliance processes

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