"The API platform provides easier access to the back office-data and links this data to the front office. It serves to accelerate data use"

8 weeks

to expose an API


customers with secure API exchanges



calls per year with APIM

Case study details

RTE (the French transmission system operator) has embarked on an ambitious API-driven business transformation project to open up its information system to RTE customers and partners. The key strategic goals of the initiative are to improve customer experience and meet the regulatory requirement to share public data. Stéphane Ménozzi, API Services Lead at RTE, explains

• Provide convenient, real-time access to data

• Gain visibility into who received what file containing what data

• Accelerate data use with innovative new services

• Deliver data to 3,300 API consumers, with 340 million API calls per year

• Expose new APIs in just eight weeks