"We were impressed with the security capabilities of the Amplify platform, and the fact that many financial services and Federal government organizations rely on the platform gave us confidence that it could meet our own demanding requirements."


patient experiences with services 


protection in highly sensitive patient data

Strong API

strategy by working closely with Axway

Case study details

The U.S. healthcare sector is going through a period of significant change, driven by the complex care needs of an aging population layered with new industry regulations. Despite the tumultuous environment, this very successful leading healthcare provider manages an extensive primary care network, delivering a comprehensive range of out- and in-patient services both for local and international residents.

This U.S. healthcare provider aimed to deliver personalized patient experiences by combining, analyzing and exploring data from multiple sources. How could the organization ensure the highest levels of security for sensitive data?

With a central, scalable platform to build, test, deploy and manage healthcare APIs, the provider ensures highly sensitive patient data is fully protected 24/7, while accelerating the development of innovative front-line services.