"With Axway solution we are saving time and working more efficiently because we reuse existing components rather than reinventing the wheel each time."

20-30 million 

API calls daily



connected applications


creation of APIs

Case study details

A government agency with national authority, AIFE (Agence pour l’Informatique Financière de l’État) was established in 2005 to guarantee the consistency of the French state’s financial information system, and to define and execute the strategy for that system. AIFE reports directly to the minister responsible for the state budget.

As part of an ongoing digital transformation program at the heart of the French economy, AIFE aimed to build an open, flexible and secure platform for thousands of users to publish and consume APIs faster and with less effort.

• 20 - 30 million API calls daily 

• 11,000 connected applications 

• Faster creation of APIs