PHOENIX - June 4, 2019 - Axway announced today a new event-driven API streaming solution called AMPLIFY Streams. It’s the latest addition to the AMPLIFY API Management product line in Axway’s hybrid integration platform (HIP) and provides a necessary option for organizations looking to improve their overall API strategy. 

According to Gartner, “Event-driven API management is gaining importance due to factors including the Internet of Things and microservices. Application leaders responsible for application architecture must evolve their API management strategy beyond request-response REST APIs to support more pervasive event-driven IT.” ¹  

AMPLIFY Streams is the result of Axway’s recent acquisition of The acquisition helps strengthen Axway’s API Management solution as part of their hybrid integration platform but also provides an event-driven SaaS solution to customers that don’t currently have Axway services. 

“We are committed to giving our clients the best, complete solution possible and now AMPLIFY Streams turns any API into a data stream, without requiring server-side code,” said Laura Heritage VP, Product Line - API, Microservices, & Mesh Governance. “This means it’s easy, agile and efficient to mature your API Strategy.” 

Introducing event-driven streaming APIs to an API strategy can help reduce bandwidth, consumption, and cost while positively affecting user experience (UX).

“Architects are always striving to provide the best UX as possible for their end-users, and AMPLIFY Streams will ensure that their clients are able to get real-time data where and when they need it,” said David McKenna, Sr. VP of Engineering at Axway. “To support real-time reactive client experiences, modern architectures need to evolve beyond traditional synchronous request-response APIs.”

Learn more about AMPLIFY Streams and sign up for the Achieve Better UX by Modernizing Your APIs with Event Streaming webinar.

Watch: How to create a data stream for a real-time UX in less than one minute.

¹Gartner, The Impact of Event-Driven IT on API Management, Paolo Malinverno, Mark O’Neill, Refreshed 5 September 2018, Published 30 March 2017

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