PHOENIX – October 7, 2019 – Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), today announced the availability of an innovative solution to support secure data exchange between manufacturers and distributors that confirms the authenticity of drug labels. It’s known as the Axway Verification Router Service (VRS) Solution
The solution was created in response to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) which requires wholesale distributors to verify returned serialized product with the manufacturer before the product can be resold. VRS is a key defense mechanism to increase confidence that the U.S. drug supply is authentic, unadulterated and safe for consumers. 
“While the U.S. has a very safe pharmaceutical supply chain, returned drugs are an area that has been exploited to insert fake, substandard product into the supply chain,” said Marcus Chang, Track & Trace Product Manager at Axway. "Axway VRS provides an interoperable and automated solution to allow wholesale distributors the ability to verify the product identifiers of returned products with the product manufacturers."

The VRS solution is powered by Axway’s market-leading AMPLIFY™ API Management solution, and Axway Decision Insight - a recognized leader of real-time analytics and data intelligence solutions. 

“With the Axway VRS Solution we can ensure your readiness today. Our solution is built on proven technology and therefore we do not have the teething problems other vendors have encountered,” said Kathryn Smith VP Portfolio Management at Axway. “The Axway VRS solution can be configured to meet any additional emerging international or industry driven verification requirements, providing our customers confidence in their ability to meet future compliance regulations.”

The Axway VRS solution is natively interoperable with the Axway Track & Trace Solution or any serialization solution regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on-premise. The Open-API based VRS solution will work with any solution provider following the GS1 VRS guidelines.

“Axway’s VRS solution has significant advantages over the competition including proven mature technology, advanced security, out of the box business intelligence and highly configurable API policies to ensure compliance today and for tomorrow,” said Chang.

Learn more about Axway VRS Solution.

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