Omnichannel is not the answer!

January 10, 2018 | By Shawn Ryan, Vice President Product Marketing, Platform as a Service, Axway

Through 2017, the data points continued to grow. Examples sources include KPMGs papers on customer centricity with Retail, CPG and Telco variants each subtitled "moving beyond Omnichannel", a future of commerce publishes an article on moving beyond Omnichannel, IDC’s research on Customer Experience Networks that we have often cited and a recent tweet from Gartner's Elizabeth Goluscio points to a paper about AI's role in turning Omnichannel into postchannel. All good reads.

All of these make the point to look beyond the notion of channels. Take the focus off the channels and focus on a customer experience which transcends channels. A second point that comes through is to embrace the ecosystem. Research including KPMG and specifically the IDC research noted here emphasize to embrace co-creation from the ecosystem. Focus on customer experience - yes, and. The “and” is to recognize the fact that great experiences, experiences that transcend channels also transcend you as an organization and require data and insights and co-creation with others to be differentiating.

Omnichannel is not an answer to differentiating customer experiences and nor is it a source of innovation. Check out the IDC research on the phenomenon called Customer Experience Networks to go beyond Omnichannel in 2018 -, or

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Shawn Ryan

Vice President Product Marketing, Platform as a Service, Axway

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