This Week in Digital Business: May 8, 2015

May 8, 2015 | By Mark Skoog, VP Marketing, Axway

Axway’s Mark O’Neill discusses how APIs allow businesses to liberate and monetize data in Nordic APIs; IT Business Edge investigates the shift in business intelligence; HealthITAnalytics highlights four ways to boost and adopt EHR data integrity for big data analytics; explains how to bridge the gap between IT and business; TechCrunch highlights how APIs are fueling the world’s tech industry.

  • Could APIs be the glue holding the digital world together? ForresterForbes and TechCrunch think so, stating “it’s the key to unlocking the digital economy.” In a recent article from Nordic APIs, our own Mark O’Neill discusses how APIs are becoming a necessary tool in order for companies to grow their businesses by monetizing data. 
  • Loraine Lawson of IT Business Edge investigates the shift in business intelligence and the changes IT professionals will soon be faced with. The article highlights Gartner’s Rita Sallam’s statement on the shift in BI and how BI teams will need to adopt a more analytical approach to business.
  • Good data governance policies, tracking clinical documentation, ensuring accurate patient records and embracing interoperability and emerging data standards are four ways to help boost and adopt EHR data integrity for big data analytics, according to HealthITAnalytics. 
  • Need help shining a light on how businesses can bridge the gap between IT and business? explains three ways businesses can achieve digital transformation through vision, engagement and governance. 
  • At this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City, APIs took center stage as they continue to drive innovation and growth. TechCrunch points out the power and sheer growth APIs have on businesses.

TOPICS: API Management, Big Data, Governance

Mark Skoog

VP Marketing, Axway

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