This Week in Digital Business: April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015 | By Mark Skoog, VP Marketing, Axway

Mark O’Neill highlights three recommendations on the API First approach; Harvard Business Review discusses how to use APIs for competitive advantage; InfoWorld argues Twitter ending third party resale of ‘firehose’ data could be hazardous for the API economy; Database Trends and Applications outlines four factors that are causing change in data environments; CIO describes how automation could be the future of accelerating your digital business strategy

  • Recently Axway’s Mark O’Neill and Alex Sword of Computer Business Review had a discussion on what “API First” means in an article about security and devices. In his own blog post on the topic, O’Neill discusses three recommendations for organizations to embrace an API First approach.
  • Are you gaining advantage over competitors by using APIs? If not, you should be! According to a recent feature in Harvard Business Review, APIs can provide insight into customer behaviors and even help expand market opportunities.
  • Twitter shuts the tap on its firehose. Earlier this week InfoWorld published a piece on Twitter ending its agreement with third parties to resale firehose data, and how the move is harmful to the API economy.
  • How do companies drive success in an ever-changing data environment? According to Database Trends and Applications, users, technology, economics and data are four contributors to change that create opportunities to establish a competitive advantage.
  • It’s time to embrace that the physical and virtual worlds are colliding, but how will this affect your digital business strategy? Shoeb Javed in a piece for CIO believes automation is the key to accelerating digital business processes. Do you agree?

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Mark Skoog

VP Marketing, Axway

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