This Week in Digital Business: April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015 | By Mark Skoog, VP Marketing, Axway

Mark O’Neill highlights a new API security white paper; IT Business Edge discusses data lakes; A look into the mind of a hacker; Migratory applications and the future of the cloud; Improvements to predictive analytics

  • Last year our own Mark O’Neill co-hosted a webinar with security expert Gunnar Peterson discussing the Top Ten API Security Considerations, and this week Mark wrote a blog post about a new API security white paper from Gunnar. In his own blog post on the paper, Gunnar noted that he sees a lot of people developing APIs without putting enough time into the security basics.
  • Loraine Lawson of IT Business Edge discusses why enterprise data lakes are still up for debate, highlighting the problems and benefits companies face when integrating into them.
  • Bird’s-eye view? More like hacker’s-eye view!!! Re/code takes a look into a hacker’s mind, exploring what they think about the Internet of Things and the vulnerability of IoT.
  • With the ability to run anywhere, could migratory apps be the future of the cloud – specifically the hybrid cloud? Search Cloud Computing highlights three components that distinguish migratory applications from hybrid applications.
  • Predictive analytics for everyone? Datanami reports on recent research from Forrester that found that improvements to predictive analytics enable regular business people and developers to leverage the technology.



Mark Skoog

VP Marketing, Axway

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