They Can Do It All Now

April 9, 2014 | By Axway Blog Team, Axway

Takata AG, a European provider of safety systems and components for the automotive industry, needed to integrate, control, and monitor all processes across their value chain.

They needed to manage data interchanges with all customers, suppliers, and partners; handle the mappings required for various transaction standards and communication protocols; and send and receive a variety of industry-standard messages (e.g., just-in-time [JIT], just-in-sequence [JIS], etc.).

They needed total visibility via system dashboards and the ability to monitor traffic coming from and going to their value-added network (VAN) provider.

They even needed to be able to implement additional dashboards on their own.

They can do it all now.

If a VAN invoice is wrong, they can give their VAN provider a precise accounting of the data sent and the data received.

To avoid late fees and other penalties, they can monitor time-sensitive messages.

They can define mappings themselves and modify existing mappings when a customer changes something in the structure or content.

Let’s see how they made it happen: click here for the free case study!

TOPICS: Supply Chain

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