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This Week in Digital Business: May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

Axway and Finextra publish research on increased pressure on payments operations and IT operations to support instant decision-making; Axway and Sopra Banking win PayForm Award 2015 for multi-service payment platform; highlights nine questions to ask for hybrid cloud integration; HealthData Management discusses a KPMG survey on healthcare organizations not using the full potential of data and analytics; InfoWorld writes about six data sources you should secure...

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The IT Roadmap to a Digital Business

April 28, 2015 | By Matt Graney

In our previous installments on the digital business imperative, we discussed why digital is at the top of business agendas and what digital business transformation entails. In this post, we’ll highlight the how – that is, how IT can deliver the infrastructure that enables a digital business model.


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This Week in Digital Business: April 24, 2015

April 24, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

Axway is again named a leader in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Application Services Governance; Mark O’Neill highlights Philipp Schöne’s presentation at API Days/APIStrat Berlin; TheNextWeb discusses how India’s largest startup was hacked; HealthData Management explores the use of APIs for patient portals; IT Business Edge details David Linthicum’s view on the evolution of integration tools; The Huffington Post outlines six risks associated with the Internet of Things and your home....

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Gartner Again Recognizes Axway’s Leadership in API Management

April 23, 2015 | By Rob Meyer

As we recently discussed, APIs are increasingly becoming more and more prominent tools to achieve a digital business competitive advantage. To meet the skyrocketing demands that define digital business era, agility is now critical to all organizations. And as they look to achieve this new level of business agility, many organizations are turning to an API-centric architecture.

But why APIs? Because APIs represent a...

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The API Advantage

April 22, 2015 | By Mark O'Neill

Years ago, application programming interfaces (APIs) were viewed as a new cohesive way to integrate applications together. Today, APIs are as necessary to digital businesses as websites. From B2B to consumer, from private to public, APIs span a vast variety of use cases and applications, yet their value remains clear: the ability to exchange information with audiences in new ways. That value translates to a clear economic benefit too. Salesforce...

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Digital Business: It’s Time for a Complete Rethink!

April 21, 2015 | By Matt Graney

We recently discussed why embracing digital technologies should be at the top of your business agenda. But we know from our experience working with organizations around the world that becoming a digital business is easier said than done, as it often requires a complete rethink of existing business processes and models....

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This Week in Digital Business: April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

Mark O’Neill highlights three recommendations on the API First approach; Harvard Business Review discusses how to use APIs for competitive advantage; InfoWorld argues Twitter ending third party resale of ‘firehose’ data could be hazardous for the API economy; Database Trends and Applications outlines four factors that are causing change in data environments; CIO describes how automation could be the future of accelerating your digital business strategy

  • Recently Axway’s...

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This Week in Digital Business: April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

Mark O’Neill highlights a new API security white paper; IT Business Edge discusses data lakes; A look into the mind of a hacker; Migratory applications and the future of the cloud; Improvements to predictive analytics

  • Last year our own Mark O’Neill co-hosted a webinar with security expert Gunnar Peterson discussing the Top Ten API Security Considerations, and this week Mark wrote a blog...

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This Week in Digital Business: April 3, 2015

April 3, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

This week we saw discussion around API management best practices, the future of IoT, and how healthcare organizations are embracing the cloud. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it:

  • While looking over the API documentation of one of Axway’s customers, Mark O’Neill decided to reflect on best practices for API management. He points out the value and ease of an “echo” API endpoint using Axway’s...

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This Week in Digital Business: March 27, 2015

March 27, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

It’s been a busy week here at Axway, as we announced the latest release of our B2Bi solution that helps organizations better manage and govern the flow of data between businesses through enhanced visibility, API management and operational intelligence capabilities. Here’s what else made headlines this week:

  • Need help learning how to...

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Is Your MFT Ready for FATCA

March 26, 2015 | By Shalom Lewis

With tax season upon us, we thought now would be a great time to discuss one of the most recent and transformative pieces of tax legislation affecting Americans with foreign assets, and correspondingly, banks and governments around the world – the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act, or FATCA. The new law will affect how financial institutions report holdings to the IRS and MFT will be a core enabler for doing so. In this Q&A, Shalom Lewis, manager, cloud client delivery, Axway, shares his...

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Why Digital is at the Top of the Business Agenda

March 26, 2015 | By Matt Graney

“Digital business” is a term that has been around for decades. In fact, it was mentioned in the second session of the 84th U.S. Congress in 1957, more than a decade before ARPANET (the network that was the basis for the Internet) was established, and 36 years before the debut of the World Wide Web that...

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Is Your MFT Ready for Healthcare?

March 22, 2015 | By Atif Chaughtai

With HIMSS15 just around the corner, health IT topics ranging from mobile and connected health to the evolution of electronic health records are set to take center stage. Among the other topics that will be top of mind and most pressing for health IT professionals, is data transfer. As data breaches and privacy become increasingly top of mind, managed file transfer will correspondingly grow in importance. Below are some key questions for...

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Is your MFT ready for Formula One?

March 22, 2015 | By John Andrews

Earlier this month the Formula 1 auto racing season kicked off at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. The start of the F1 season got me thinking: there is a lot about an F1 team that is similar to corporate organization. For each to perform at its peak, they need to ensure that teams support each other and the technology meets the demands. After all, technology is a huge component of an F1 team, as it is to companies of any size. And this started me thinking how MFT would fit into this...

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This Week in Digital Business: March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015 | By Mark Skoog

It’s never a dull week here at Axway, as our very own VP of Innovation, Mark O’Neill, shared his thoughts on wearable technology in the latest issue of The Economist. His perspectives were featured alongside those of global brands such as General Electric, Adidas and Google. Here’s what else made the headlines this week:

  • We’re on the...

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SOA Is (Still) Not Dead (And Shouldn’t Be)

March 10, 2015 | By Mark O'Neill

“SOA is dead.” Those famous words are from back in 2009. But, read past the first three words, and you see “Long live services”. Services continue to be important, including their more recent incarnation as lightweight REST APIs. And, far from being dead, the principles of SOA - service reuse, a central registry of services, and loose coupling – are more important than ever.

Since then, we’ve seen SOA, the concept, continue to be widely embraced. As David Rubinstein of SD Times...

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Is your MFT ready for love?

February 13, 2015 | By John Andrews

Before you write me off as crazy, let me explain!

I’m not suggesting Managed File Transfer (MFT) is something anyone should consider as a Valentine’s gift.

I’m suggesting MFT is part of the machine that makes Valentine’s Day better for everyone.

Here’s the thing: while Valentine’s Day has a long history, what’s fascinating to me is the increase in retail sales.

Valentine’s Day drives consumer purchases. It’s no Christmas, and it happens at a time when most...

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Time to consider MFT to mitigate the risk of data breaches and non-compliance with regulatory mandates

December 8, 2014 | By Axway Blog Team

This a guest post by Saurabh Sharma, a Senior Analyst with Ovum IT and a member of Ovum’s Infrastructure Solutions team.

File transfer may seem to be a rather innocuous process from the perspective of business users, but IT keeps worrying about where the associated data will reside in the end and who would be able to access this data. Enterprise mobility and the emergence of cloud services have driven the uptake of ad...

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The CIO's priorities for purchasing services and applications in 2015

December 3, 2014 | By Axway Blog Team

This is a transcript of The Axway Podcast of the same name.

ANNOUNCER: From Phoenix, Arizona, this is The Axway Podcast. Here’s your host, Mike Pallagi.

PALLAGI: In November, published an article by Kevin Corbin that reviewed a survey of the members The National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO). The survey aimed to identify the goals of the CIOs for the coming year and their priorities for purchasing...

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The Rise of the API Product Manager

November 19, 2014 | By Mark O'Neill

Kevin focused on what it means to be "API first." He explained how it's different than "SOA first." In the world of SOA, the WSDL was the "contact," but not managed as a product. In "API first," the API is the "contract" but is also the product. Kevin quantified this in his "API first equation," which is:

                           "The API is the contract" + "APIs are a product" = "API first"


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