API Security and Threat Protection

Protect your business from attacks, prevent data leakage and ensure regulatory compliance

Web APIs have opened up a variety of new attack vectors that are being exploited every day by malicious applications. Are you concerned about how your APIs might expose your business to new types of security risks? Are you prepared to meet the regulatory requirements around data protection?

With Axway API Management, you can implement a full suite of API security and threat-protection measures to protect your business assets and deflect attacks on your APIs.

Axway products

  • Axway API Gateway

    Comprehensive API delivery platform

    • Use API content filtering and message-level validation for XML and JSON types
    • Protect against attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS), Code/SQL injections and identity spoofing
    • Implement standard Web Services security profiles (WS-Security, WS-Trust, etc.)
    • Use external and/or onboard Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
    • Leverage OAuth, OpenID and other next-generation standards for API access control

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