Industry and Technology Standards


Standards-developing organizations (SDOs)

Standards-developing organizations (SDOs) such as HL7, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and OASIS create standards and provide global authority on standards across industries and technologies. Axway ensures interoperability across your entire business ecosystem, regardless of the range or complexity of standards you must meet. Axway gateways let you stream data securely between your company and your entire ecosystem, and our robust integration capabilities ensure that you can receive, transform and send any type of message. Axway’s “start anywhere, use anything” approach means that our solutions dovetail easily with your existing legacy and/or disparate systems with no need to rip and replace, significantly reducing the cost of adding on to your infrastructure.

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Leadership and Participation

Axway teams up with industry leaders and analysts to ensure that we are always in step with the latest industry and technology developments. We are always working to improve our solutions and to share our best practices with the broader marketplace. Axway plays an active role in targeted technology and industry-related Professional Associations and organizations; and Axway team members have been instrumental in authoring many new standards and technologies.

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