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Partner Webinar: Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace and Developer Portal update

May 23, 2018


  • Javier Perez Product Director Axway AMPLIFY Platform

Axway AMPLIFY Marketplace and Developer Portal update

Come to join us on May 23 to learn about Axway’s AMPLIFY Online services, specifically about the latest in the AMPLIFY Marketplace and the AMPLIFY Developer Portal.  

Learn what the AMPLIFY Marketplace is, how it works and how can you become part of the ecosystem adding your service accelerators.  The latest documentation and information about the AMPLIFY Marketplace will be shown as well as live demo.

We will be covering an introduction to the AMPLIFY Developer Portal, the type of information you can find and the roadmap ahead to improve the developer experience.
Join this 30 minutes webinar with Javier Perez, Product Director, Axway AMPLIFY Platform.

May 23

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm EDT