Email network protection – inside and out

IT managers constantly strive to balance the need for security with the desire for productivity, by deploying secure tools which allows employees to get their jobs done in and out of the office, while also protecting valuable assets and complying with corporate policies.

Axway MailGate SC stands guard at the Internet gateway, preventing potentially damaging messages and attachments from entering your network, and ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t exit accidentally or unsecured.

Combining network protection, policy-based content filtering, and automated encryption in a single solution, MailGate SC protects your email network inside and out, reducing administrative headaches, infrastructure costs, and the liabilities associated with unsecured and unmanaged email and file exchange.

Comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-manage email security

Axway MailGate SC provides multiple tiers of security that can be used individually, or in combination, to block threats at the DMZ and within the enterprise network, and secure inbound and outbound email traffic at the content and network levels.

MailGate SC can seamlessly plug-and-play with your existing architecture with no browser or operating system dependencies, giving you the flexibility to add new levels of security as your needs change — without making changes to your enterprise systems, applications, protocols, or end-user workflows.

Real-time visibility, analysis, and control


Centralized email security management

  • Centralized management means you can have MailGate SC up and running quickly, processing close to two million messages per hour
  • A powerful management dashboard provides real-time visibility into email traffic, network attacks, spam statistics, message queues, content filtering, and more — even across multiple instances or virtual environments
  • Automated report generation, data export for custom reporting, and advanced message tracking save time and improve visibility


Advanced threat protection

  • Protect against incidents such as Ransom Lockouts, C&C Callbacks and other sophisticated threats carried by Ransomware, Malware, and botnets.
  • Sandboxing removes suspicious attachments from the mail flow, opening them in a secure isolated environment
  • URL Evaluation analyses URL’s embedded in messages, identifying those that may link to a payload or attempt credential-jacking


Data loss protection

  • Scan and analyze email and shared file content and more than 300 types of attachments, including multiple levels of embedded archive files and hidden document text
  • Set up simple checkbox filters to identify personal and financial data, including Social Security or personal identification numbers, banking/trading (CUSIP), and credit/debit card numbers
  • Use the financial services lexicon to scan for personal financial information, including statements, account numbers, PINs, and trade confirmations
  • Use the HIPAA lexicon to scan for PHI, including patient identifiers, medical diagnostics and procedures, drug names, and treatment phrases

Encryption and secure delivery

  • Define policies that automate gateway-to-gateway email encryption for any remote domain
  • Enforce TLS or S/MIME connections with remote domains, hostnames, partner sites, or IP addresses
  • Receive automatic alerts on TLS attempts and failures
  • Deliver secure email to any recipient without the need for desktop software, using MailGate SC’s Secure Mailbox capability