What is an API portal?

Think of an API portal is an interactive digital brochure and window into your business. It helps you package and manage your APIs as products and streamlines the process to onboard, engage, and empower developers to use your APIs.

With an API portal, your customers will be able to register applications, reset credentials, share and interact with API documentation, provide feedback, and get information on every stage of your API’s lifecycle.

What is the best API developer portal?

The best API developer portal is an API marketplace. Companies need to be able to package and manage their APIs as products to drive adoption. That includes streamlining the onboarding process and empowering developers to use their APIs.

Amplify Enterprise Marketplace consolidates all your APIs across platforms, gateways, and repositories into one enterprise API developer portal.

With a universal API management platform as its foundation, Amplify Marketplace tames complexity by using lightweight agents to automate API discovery, capture, and validation into one registry where they can be managed, monitored, and governed.